Jim Jordan just caught Merrick Garland red-handed in this shocking cover up

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Attorney General Merrick Garland wanted this one major criminal investigation to go away.

He even broke the law to make it happen. 

But Jim Jordan just caught Merrick Garland red-handed in this shocking cover up.

Under former President Donald Trump, Democrats celebrated whistleblowers who came forward with hearsay. 

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the Biden regime is looking to destroy whistleblowers.

A retaliation campaign is underway against whistleblowers from the IRS and the FBI who came forward to House Republicans about Hunter Biden.

FBI whistleblowers who exposed the Bureau’s interference to protect Hunter Biden in his criminal investigation were suspended from work after their security clearances were pulled.

Two IRS agents working on the Hunter Biden tax investigation were removed from the case after they blew the whistle on political interference into the probe.

One of the IRS whistleblowers said that he was pulled off the case because of an intervention from the Justice Department.

Federal law has strong protections for whistleblowers that are being blatantly violated to protect President Joe Biden.

As Chair of both the House Judiciary Committee and the Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is working with FBI whistleblowers to expose the corruption.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, he said that the FBI and IRS were conspiring to “crush” whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden investigations.

“We now have allegations by both FBI whistleblowers and IRS whistleblowers that they’re not being protected by the laws in this country and that the retaliation has taken place,” Sean Hannity began. “What can you tell us about it?” he asked Jordan.

“No, they’re trying to crush him, and you’re exactly right Sean,” Jordan replied.

Jordan pointed out that it was an anonymous whistleblower who was behind the first impeachment hoax against former President Donald Trump.

“So, they’re trying to crush these guys because they’re coming forward and not only telling us about the double standard in the attack on President Trump, but  also about the attack on we the people,” Jordan continued. “That’s the scariest part of all.”

FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle told Jordan during a hearing that the Bureau tried to “crush” him and his family.

He said at one point they were left homeless and had to beg for winter coats for his children.

“And if you come forward and talk about this stuff, that’s when they come after you,” Jordan added. “That’s when they try to crush you. We saw that from those whistleblowers last week in the hearing.”

As the investigations into Hunter Biden begin to bear fruit, Merrick Garland is working overtime to squash them. 

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