Jim Jordan made a shocking allegation about Biden’s terrible Presidency that left jaws on the floor

Even most Democrats can’t deny Joe Biden is driving this country into the ground. 

Just about everything he has done so far has made life worse for Americans. 

But Jim Jordan made a shocking allegation about Biden’s terrible Presidency that left jaws on the floor.

The situation is bleak

There is no way of sugar-coating it, Joe Biden is a complete failure of a President. 

Since he took office just over a year ago, every measurable aspect of the economy (among other sectors) has soured. 

Gas prices are nearing $5 in most parts of America, crime has become unbearable, and staple goods such as baby formula are in short supply. 

The truth is, Joe Biden and his radical administration are completely asleep at the wheel. 

Just this week alone, Joe Biden admitted to not knowing about the baby formula shortage (which is almost certainly a lie) before it became a story on the news. 

To make matters worse, his Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen admitted to not knowing that inflation would be so severe. 

The fact that these top officials claim to have no idea about these impending crisis is very scary to say the least. 

What can go wrong is going wrong for Joe Biden and his handlers. 

It almost seems like it’s on purpose

According to Representative Jim Jordan, it seems like it’s on purpose because it is that way. 

Rep. Jim Jordan, who has represented Ohio’s fourth district since 2007, just made a very bold, and accurate claim about the Biden White House. 

Jim Jordan said, “I heard when Janet Yellen said she was surprised about how the inflation – I mean, come on, you spend like crazy, you pay people not to work, and you drive up the cost of energy, and somehow you are surprised we’ve got inflation.” 

He went on to argue, “I don’t think she’s that stupid. So, part of me says this is intentional, and we started to kind of hear that from Joe Biden. Well, this is a transition period we’ve got to go through. No, it isn’t.”

Exactly, once again Jim Jordan is spot on. 

There is absolutely no way that top officials such as Janet Yellen can be this surprised that their out-of-control spending led to skyrocketing inflation. 

Any high school economics student could tell you that much. 

The Biden administration is failing, and everyday Americans are paying the price. 

Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come

Nearly every reputable economist is now predicting that a severe recession is on the horizon. 

In fact, by definition, the upcoming recession will likely begin on July 1 when second-quarter GDP figures come out. 

If GDP growth declined this quarter, which it almost certainly has, then America is officially in a recession. 

Americans have forgotten just how trying a recession can be, and the horrific effect it can have on the lives of average people. 

The moral of the story is that Joe Biden is setting America on a collision course with destruction – quite possibly on purpose, calling into question the administration’s true motives. 

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