Jim Jordan was shocked by the number of Suspicious Activity Reports issued by banks against the Bidens

The US government wants normal American citizens to report every online peer-to-peer financial transaction greater than $600. 

It’s obvious who they’re targeting here as well-connected politicians all seem to make financial gains and transfers without any scrutiny.

But Jim Jordan was shocked by the number of Suspicious Activity Reports issued by banks against the Bidens.

US Representative Jim Jordan tells America about Suspicious Activity Reports from banks on Bidens

US Representative Jim Jordan is bringing public attention to some red flags in the Biden Family. 

He says that between Biden’s son, Hunter, and his brother, Jim, the two have accumulated over 150 Suspicious Activity Reports.

According to the US Comptroller of Currency a bank is required to file a suspicious activity report within 30 days of discovery of the facts that indicate the need for it. 

They are specifically interested in “detecting and preventing money laundering.”

They also might be submitted based on “suspicious activity that might signal criminal activity.”

Jordan says that “most Americans don’t get these. Or if they do, there’s a good reason for it. But there’s 150 of them on Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the President’s brother, and so I mean that, to me, is a big concern.”

Jordan says Biden administration is blocking committee access to these reports

He also says that the Biden administration has been using the Treasury Department to block access to the reports. 

But he says that time is short for Biden and they will be able to overcome the objection when the Republicans take control of the House.

“Before the Biden administration, if the committee wanted to see that information . . . they can have access to it,” Jordan explained, adding that “the Biden administration hasn’t complied with any of the correspondence . . . and requests that came from Ranking Member Comer.”

He suggested that the Biden administration has worked politically to change “the policy on Suspicious Activity Reports for the ability of committees to review that information.”

Jordan suggests there is a “group to go after anyone who investigates” Biden and friends

Jordan also warned that Biden and the Democrats were coordinating attacks against anyone investigating Biden or his associates. 

He said they “have set up this group to go after anyone who investigates the Biden administration,” and called it “suspicious in and of itself.”

He hasn’t lost sight of his goals despite the political dangers of moving forward. 

Jordan is optimistic that when the GOP takes back control of the House in January they will be able to circumvent the US Treasury for the reports.

Jordan suggested that “maybe [they’re] going to have to go to the banks to get that information,” implying a subpoena of bank records of the Suspicious Activity Reports.

Biden thinks that investigating him and his associates is laughable and “almost comedy”

The White House has long besmirched the idea of Hunter and Jim being investigated for their business dealings. 

In the beginning they used the tired excuse that it was “Russian disinformation.”

That excuse died rather quickly and Biden has largely taken to deflecting with a positive comment about his son. 

Most recently when asked at a press conference the President responded with a laugh.

He sneered, “I think the American people will look at all of that for what it is. It’s just almost comedy.”

That’s how seriously he takes these allegations and how much he thinks he controls the narrative.

Time will tell. 

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