Joe Biden and his cronies were caught red-handed committing this shocking act

Elon Musk purchased Twitter allegedly to save the world from tyranny and ensure freedom of expression is preserved online.

Then he began revealing there was something seriously wrong going on behind the scenes at Twitter.

Now he’s releasing everything and it is exposing this shocking truth about Biden and his cronies.

Musk releases “Twitter files” that expose how the Hunter Biden laptop scandal went down at Twitter

Elon Musk fulfilled a promise recently by releasing what he calls “Twitter files” to journalist Matt Taibbi. 

Taibbi then got to take the first shot at digging through what is sure to be a mountain of evidence.

In October 2020, Twitter created a national controversy by censoring America’s longest-running daily newspaper, the New York Post

The subject of the censorship was a story written about Hunter Biden and his laptop that he left at a local computer repair shop.

Twitter took extreme steps to stop the spread of the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Even going as far as to block people from messaging one another directly about it. 

This high-level tool was usually reserved for extreme cases such as to stop the spread of child pornography.

At the time Twitter claimed publicly that they took down the story and called it potentially “hacked material.”

Twitter just used “hacked materials” as an excuse to censor the story

On the inside the company was taking direction from outside players, namely the Biden campaign.

According to internal communications, “Hacking was the excuse, but within a few hours, pretty much everyone realized it wasn’t going to hold. But no one had the guts to reverse it.”

Even their Former Vice President of Global Comms, Brandon Borrman asked, “Can we truthfully claim that this is part of the policy?”

Carl Szabo of Internet research firm NetChoice attempted to intervene, warning Twitter executives that they were facing a “bloodbath” on Capitol Hill. 

Lawmakers were saying that Big Tech had “grown so big that they can’t even regulate themselves.”

Szabo claimed Democrats were saying “First Amendment isn’t absolute”

Szabo even said Democrats threatened our Constitution arguing that “the First Amendment isn’t absolute.”

According to Szabo, Democrats specifically called the companies “inept,” and claimed that social media is “corrupting democracy.” 

Democrats said if there was more moderation “conservatives wouldn’t even think to use social media,” he added.

But that didn’t stop Twitter executives from proceeding with the campaign of censorship.

Twitter had been working with politicians and activist organizations for a while at this point. 

Evidence shows DNC had James Woods suspended from Twitter

One company email shows “more to review from the Biden team” with a set of usernames to suspend. 

Their coworker responded, “handled these.”

Evidence shows that you could be a nobody, or a household name and it didn’t matter. 

Another email shows “an additional report from the DNC” that is requesting the suspension of conservative actor James Woods. 

According to Taibbi, anyone could use these services, but it was based on “connections”.

Democrats had the advantage due to Twitter being “overwhelmingly staffed by people” on the Left. 

He showed that 99.73% of donations by Twitter employees were made to Democrat candidates.

The political Left has been running Twitter for who knows how long.

That age appears to be ending now that Musk is at the helm. 

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