Joe Biden answered no when asked this simple question about 2024

Joe Biden is facing a major decision about running for re-election.

Biden’s choice will determine the trajectory of the Democrat Party.

And now Joe Biden answered no when asked this simple question about 2024.

Biden’s response raised eyebrows

Joe Biden spent his Thanksgiving weekend on vacation in Nantucket.

That’s not unusual for Biden.

As of mid-October, Joe Biden had spent 174 days at his beach house in Delaware and another 64 days vacationing at Camp David.

Biden spent more time away from the White House than Donald Trump, who Democrats and the press whined about whenever he visited his properties in Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago.

During his Thanksgiving press briefing, reporters tried to ask Biden about his 2024 plans and if he would run for re-election.

Biden told reporters he would not discuss 2024, as he and his family had no conversations about seeking a second term.

Fox News reports:

President Biden said on Saturday that his family are “not having any” conversations about a potential 2024 presidential run while he is staying in Nantucket, Massachusetts, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, saying they are celebrating instead.

Biden was asked by reporters how the conversations about a re-election bid were going as he and First Lady Jill Biden were crossing a street while on vacation on the island.

“We’re not having any. We’re celebrating,” the president responded.

Democrats wanted change in 2024 until they didn’t

Prior to the Midterm elections, officials in Washington, D.C. viewed it as a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden would not run for re-election.

A CNN poll found 75 percent of Democrats wanted a different candidate in 2024.

But the failure of the Red wave to materialize combined with a better than expected performance for Democrats in the Midterm elections boosted Biden’s 2024 prospects.

A USA Today/IPSOS poll taken after the election showed an 11-point increase in the number of Democrats who support Joe Biden running again in two years.

There is one issue looming over Biden’s plans for re-election.

And that is the fact that Biden will turn 82 in 2024, meaning he would leave office at the age of 86 if he won a second term.

Biden is already showing signs of advanced age and his senility is regularly on display.

Democrats deep down know it is dangerous for America to have a President in cognitive decline.

And that is why deep down many Democrats hope Biden does not run for re-election.

Will Joe Biden run for re-election in 2024?