Joe Biden blew a gasket after he suffered a crushing defeat that he never saw coming

Joe Biden’s Presidency is turning into a raging dumpster fire.

His problems are piling up with no end in sight. 

And Joe Biden blew a gasket after he suffered a crushing defeat that he never saw coming.

A government watchdog group added to the laundry list of problems that President Joe Biden is dealing with from his widening classified documents scandal.

The President stole classified documents from his time as Vice President and haphazardly kept them in his office at a Chinese funded think tank and at his home in Delaware.

Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) lodged an ethics complaint over Biden’s lawyers in the White House Counsel’s office with the Office of Government Ethics.

“The American public will not tolerate a two-tiered system of justice – with well-connected insiders subject to a lower standard of scrutiny than the normal citizen,” PPT Director Mike Chamberlain said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department made eyebrow-raising accommodations to the White House after he dropped the hammer on former President Donald Trump for allegedly taking classified documents for his personal records.

The Justice Department is in hot water for allowing White House lawyers to accompany officials while the classified documents were collected from Biden’s home in Delaware.

The ethics complaint filed by PPT alleges that “taxpayer resources may have been inappropriately used by senior White House lawyers, including Special Counsel to the President Richard Sauber, to personally benefit Joe Biden.”

Sauber was one of the lawyers who joined Justice Department officials while they collected the classified documents.

“We further believe that the apparent representation of Mr. Biden by the White House Counsel’s Office in this matter creates an untenable conflict of interest for that office,” the complaint stated. “The result, intended or not, could be to reduce transparency into the mishandling of state secrets and foreclose disclosure of communications between White House Counsel staff while acting on behalf of Joe Biden in his capacity as a citizen facing the prospect of criminal prosecution.”

Joe Biden’s lawyers have become potential witnesses in the criminal investigation into the President.

PPT director Mike Chamberlain slammed Biden for eroding what little trust the public might have had left in the President’s handling of the classified documents scandal.

“President Biden promised the most ethical and transparent administration in history,” Chamberlain said. “If the White House compounded a scandal involving possible mishandling of classified documents by improperly using taxpayer resources for his personal benefit and putting White House attorneys in positions that created conflicts of interest, we could be witnessing a serious betrayal of the public’s already-plummeting trust.”

Sauber was hired in December to lead the White House response to investigations conducted by the new Republican majority in the House.

Now, Richard Sauber is in the middle of his own scandal for potentially obstructing the investigation into Joe Biden.

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