Joe Biden blew a gasket when his electric vehicle agenda got this bad news

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Joe Biden ran into another roadblock in his scheme to make transportation electric.

One of his most ambitious plans is about to be upended.

And Joe Biden blew a gasket when his electric vehicle agenda got this bad news.

Biden’s EPA is facing a lawsuit over its mandate for electric semi-trucks 

President Joe Biden has a sweeping plan to electrify the nation’s transportation sector in order to combat climate change.

His electric vehicle push gets most of the attention, but he’s trying to force semi-trucks with diesel engines to transition to electric as well.

These trucks are the backbone of the country since they transport goods to stores.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a de facto electric semi-truck mandate with strict new tailpipe emission standards.

The trucking industry warned that the rule would cause major turmoil. 

Electric semi-trucks can cost three times as much as a diesel model and can’t travel as far with their limited range.

The massive batteries these trucks have take hours to charge, which is added downtime on long trips.

There’s also a severe shortage of public charging stations for semis on public highways.

American Trucking Association CEO and President Chris Spear said that the rule is “entirely unachievable” because of the lack of charging stations and the technology for electric semis. 

“ATA opposes this rule in its current form because the post-2030 targets remain entirely unachievable given the current state of zero-emission technology, the lack of charging infrastructure, and restrictions on the power grid,” Spear said.

Disruptions to the trucking industry mean the supply chain will be upended.

“Any regulation that fails to account for the operational realities of trucking will set the industry and America’s supply chain up for failure,” Spear added.

Now a group of trucking and energy companies are suing the EPA as a way to try and overturn the new semi-truck emission standards.

“EPA’s final rule exceeds the agency’s statutory authority and is otherwise arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, and not in accordance with law,” the lawsuit states. “Petitioners accordingly ask this Court to declare unlawful and vacate EPA’s final action.”

Joe Biden’s electric semi rule would create chaos in moving goods 

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association President Todd Spencer said that the lawsuit would protect consumers from price increases.

“Small business truckers make up 96% of trucking and could be regulated out of existence if the EPA’s unworkable heavy-duty rule comes into effect,” Spencer said.

“This rule would devastate the reliability of America’s supply chain and ultimately increase costs for consumers,” Spencer continued. “Mom and pop trucking businesses would be suffocated by the sheer cost and operational challenges of effectively mandating zero emission trucks, but this administration appears intent on forcing through its deluge of misguided environmental mandates.”

Small trucking businesses would have to buy expensive new electric semis and build out the infrastructure for them.

Their charging stations would require additional electrical work to be able to accommodate the truck’s massive batteries.

Joe Biden’s electrification scheme is going to wreak havoc on the country.

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