Joe Biden clenched his fists in rage after this new study reported some shocking news about EVs

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The Biden administration has gone full throttle on forcing Americans into electric vehicles (EVs).

But they’ve had a number of caution flags along the way.

And Joe Biden clenched his fists in rage after this new study reported some shocking news about EVs.

A recent study conducted of nearly 37,000 consumers showed that a shocking number of electric vehicle (EV) owners are likely to switch back to internal combustion engine cars with their next vehicle.

Very likely to switch back to gas-powered vehicles 

The study, conducted by the highly respected McKinsey and Co., has asked over 200 questions to consumers in 15 countries since 2021. 

The countries surveyed make up more than 80% of the total sales volume in the EV market.

It showed that 29% of EV owners globally said they were “very likely” to switch back to a combustion engine.

The main reason given was the continued difficulty in charging the EV batteries.

“Within the next 10 years, I will replace my private vehicle completely with other forms of transport,” one EV owner said.

But while those who would switch back were less than a third, nearly half of respondents from the United States said they were “very likely” to switch back to gas-powered vehicles.

The top five countries very likely to switch back were Australia – 49%, the United States – 46%, Brazil – 38%, China – 28%, and Germany – 24%.

The biggest reasons for the continued hesitancy with EVs were doubts about the technology and the cost of ownership.

Over half (55%) of EV skeptics didn’t want to deal with new and oftentimes faulty technology, while 45% of EV skeptics thought the cost of ownership was simply too high. 

And a full 33% said they still had concerns about charging.

This is not surprising given the continued problems with both the lack of charging infrastructure and the continued failure of batteries to hold a charge for long periods of time.

Dangers of EVs keep mounting

And none of this even takes into consideration the growing dangers with EVs and their lithium batteries.

A recent explosion at a battery manufacturing plant killed 22 workers.

And a woman in Arizona had to call fire and rescue to free her young daughter from an EV after the battery died and locked a toddler in the vehicle during a brutal heatwave.

The growing concerns about EV performance and safety are causing a slump in sales of the vehicles.

This is causing great concern within the Biden administration.

Despite billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, sweetheart deals for car manufacturers, and legislation that makes EV production and ownership almost mandatory, the American people just aren’t buying into the race for EV supremacy.

And this study shows that even those who have bought EVs aren’t all-in on the craze.

For almost half of EV owners, their next car will be a gasoline powered vehicle with an internal combustion engine. 

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