Joe Biden could not believe his ears after he received this one major energy warning

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The federal government is rapidly expanding its size and scope under Joe Biden’s watch. 

Nearly every federal agency is ballooning in size, which is bankrupting the nation and punishing taxpayers. 

But Joe Biden could not believe his ears after he received this one major energy warning.

The federal government’s massive size is causing great harm to taxpayers

Since the day Joe Biden took office, the federal government has ballooned in size. 

Today, the federal government has more control over the lives of the American people than ever before. 

One agency that has expanded its size and scope is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In 2021, Biden’s EPA pledged a 100% carbon-free power sector by 2035, which means massive changes in the energy industry. 

In order to meet this very aggressive goal, power plants will have to completely overhaul their operations and find new and affordable ways to produce energy.

More likely than not, this will be very expensive, and the costs will be handed down to consumers. 

Energy experts believe that these aggressive goals will wreak havoc in the energy sector. 

One such expert is Daniel Turner, the founder and executive director of Power the Future.

“Electricity in America is becoming increasingly intermittent, and it’s because we are transitioning rapidly towards unreliable and untested wind and solar,” Turner told Fox News. “It’s evident the Biden administration has no comprehensive energy plan. They want everyone to have EVs, they want electric hot water heaters, they want electric stoves. But you cannot be pushing everyone towards electrification as the only source of power, while at the same time weakening the production of that power.”

Experts like Daniel Turner are rightfully concerned about the lack of detail in Joe Biden’s aggressive energy plan. 

In order to appease their radical base, Democrats often make bold and outlandish claims regarding energy.

However, they offer no realistic plans to achieve these goals. 

So-called green energy is very expensive.

That’s why any plan that involves a complete transition to green energy will cost taxpayers a ton of money. 

Joe Biden and his administration have over-promised on many fronts, which partly explains his low approval ratings.

Democrats are completely missing the mark on energy policy

When it comes to energy policy, many experts believe that nuclear power is the way of the future. 

However, leftists like Joe Biden are very apprehensive to adopt nuclear because it undermines their wasteful green energy agenda. 

Democrats are more concerned with advancing their radical agenda than they are with actually saving the environment. 

Green energy is expensive and often very wasteful, while nuclear power is clean, efficient, and affordable. 

Instead of trying to increase energy prices, Democrats ought to focus on making America energy independent, which was a top focus of the Trump administration. 

Energy independence is crucially important for America’s national security and energy future. 

But Joe Biden is against this common sense initiative and is more interested in appeasing the radical Left. 

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