Joe Biden desperately wishes someone would fix this huge problem for him

Families across America are facing record prices on groceries, energy, and their homes.

The Biden administration wants nothing more than for the public to believe it’s not happening.

And Biden desperately wishes someone would fix this huge problem for him.

Consumers are paying more for everything, but Biden thinks we are in a strong position

Joe Biden is presiding over the biggest economic disaster of most people’s lifetimes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans paid 13.5% more for groceries, 25.6% more for gas, and 15.8% more for electricity in August 2022 compared to August 2021.

This has Biden and his party looking vulnerable in the months leading up to the ‘22 Midterms.

Joe Biden recently took an interview with 60 Minutes, attempting to ease public anxiety and help his party.

In the interview he claimed inflation wasn’t a problem and in fact, “We’re in a position where, for the last several months, it hasn’t spiked. It has been basically even.”

According to Biden, manufacturing is coming back to America in a “big way”

He claims he’s bringing American manufacturing back in a “big way” and that his administration has “created 10 million new jobs.” 

This number has been questioned by many economists who argue we’re still simply recovering jobs that we lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, Biden thinks “The United States of America is in stronger position than any other country to navigate these global challenges.”

If you compare the rate at which the British pound and the euro are crashing, he might be partially right.

The U.S. dollar met parity – meaning one for one exchange – with the euro earlier this year and then more recently the pound. 

The question is, why is Joe Biden telling the American public that everything is fine but then demand industry leaders make sacrifices?

Biden’s false reality: privately owned gas stations are responsible for the price we pay at the pump

Biden held a meeting with his White House Competition Council on September 26, no more than a week after his 60 Minutes segment had aired.

In his meeting, he slammed gas stations for gouging customers and claimed that it was within their control to lower the prices for the consumer. 

Gas stations are largely independently owned with approximately 60% owned by an individual that owns a single store, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores.

He challenged mom and pop gas stations, “My message is simple . . . Bring down the prices you’re charging at the pump. Do it now. Not a month from now. Do it now.”

Biden tells companies to sack fees and make it easier for people to cancel and switch to increase competition and combat inflation

He also attacked the airlines and cell phone service providers over cancellation fees and early termination fees.

He ordered his council to “come back to [him] . . . with a plan for eliminating and reducing fees,” because “families shouldn’t have to pay these fees.”

Cell phone companies largely don’t charge termination fees anymore as they have switched to equipment payment plans. 

Customers are required to fully pay for their devices before they end the service with the company that provided them the installment plans.

As for airlines, they would lose money every day if they couldn’t deter last-minute cancellations with ticket change fees. 

But it seems like that’s what Biden and his so-called “Competition Council” would like.

The truth is saving $150 on changing a flight isn’t going to help a normal family pay for groceries.

Don’t worry though because President Biden is here to spread a positive perspective on our economy.

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