Joe Biden hit the panic button after another one of his nominees went down in flames

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The process of picking people based solely on ideology is failing at almost every turn.

While some of Biden’s worst ideological picks have gotten through, they are proving to be a disaster.

And Joe Biden hit the panic button after another one of his nominees went down in flames.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has become the poster child for bad nominations.

Lives are at stake

Under Buttigieg’s watch, we’ve seen multiple train derailments, the worst airline shut down since 9/11, and a Transportation Secretary concerned about the so-called “racism” behind roads. 

Of course, Buttigieg was only picked because he is a gay Democrat activist and former Mayor.

In fact, he was AWOL on “paternity leave” during the airline fiasco, as he and his husband were busy posting on social media with their new child.

And as America’s infrastructure continues to crumble, Buttigieg is only focused on making sure transgenders can navigate.

He’s also busy promoting fellow radical leftists to key positions in the administration, such as President Joe Biden’s choice to run the Federal Aviation Administration, Phillip Washington.

Unfortunately for passengers, Biden’s pick has no experience with airlines, putting American lives in danger for leftist ideology.

Shrinking support

However, Washington withdrew his nomination in another setback for the Biden administration.

His withdrawal comes after he appeared to lack enough support in the Senate to be confirmed.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg confirmed Washington’s withdrawal in a tweet where he called him “an excellent nominee” and blamed undeserved and partisan attacks for his decision to withdraw his name from consideration.

Republicans were 100% united in opposition to Washington, saying he was completely unqualified because of very limited aviation experience. 

Democrats and Independents might have been able to squeak the nomination through, but then key Democrat Senators started to balk at supporting Biden’s nominee.

Washington’s fate was settled when Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell (D-WA) abruptly called off a scheduled vote in a sign she lacked enough support to even move the nomination out of Committee. 

Cantwell said some Senators wanted more information about Washington before casting their votes, which is pure Swamp-speak for “we ain’t got the votes.”

Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who was a Democrat until switching to Independent in December, and moderate Democrat Jon Tester of Montana, both refused to say how they would have voted on the nomination.

But a Senate source told the Associated Press that Sinema was holding up the nomination and had indicated her opposition.

Flying without a captain

The FAA has lacked a Senate-confirmed administrator since March of 2022. 

Despite a surge in close calls between planes this past year, the Agency is trying to convince Americans that air travel is safe. 

It is also struggling with aging technology that severely failed in January and briefly canceled all takeoffs around the country. 

But Washington was not the man for the job.

He ran transit agencies in Denver and Los Angeles, but his only aviation-related experience was serving as CEO of the Denver Airport for less than two years. 

But he led Biden’s 2020 transition team for the Transportation Department, which includes the FAA.

The Agency is currently being led by an acting administrator, Billy Nolen, a pilot who has held safety jobs at three airlines and the FAA. 

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who led opposition to Washington, said Nolen could win bipartisan support.

But maybe he is not woke enough for Buttigieg and Biden to be head of the FAA.

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