Joe Biden is about to beg Clarence Thomas for this one big favor

Photo by Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

Joe Biden was the first Democrat to try and destroy Clarence Thomas with the Anita Hill allegations 30 years ago.

But now Biden’s fate may rest in Thomas’ hands.

And that’s because Joe Biden is about to beg Clarence Thomas for this one big favor.

U.S. Special Counsel David Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three felony charges related to him allegedly lying on a federal background check form in 2018.

Biden checked a box to indicate that he was not using drugs when purchasing a firearm.

In Biden’s memoir, he admitted to being addicted to smoking crack at the time he purchased the gun.

Hunter Biden is facing 25 years in prison for these charges.

But Hunter Biden may escape jail time thanks to the conservative majority at the Supreme Court.

Justice Thomas led the charge in pushing the Court to stop treating the Second Amendment like a second class right.

In 2022, the Court took decisive action and handed down the landmark New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen decision.

The majority in that case held that any gun control must fit within the American history and tradition of protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

Suddenly, a whole host of gun control schemes faced legal challenges.

One of the gun control provisions was the statute banning drug users from owning firearms.

Back in August, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the conviction of Patrick D. Daniels on charges he possessed firearms for past drug use that did not justify stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights. 

“Our history and tradition may support some limits on an intoxicated person’s right to carry a weapon, but it does not justify disarming a sober citizen based exclusively on his past drug usage,” the Court ruled.

This case took place in a different jurisdiction from where Hunter Biden was charged.

So it may not have an immediate impact.

But Hunter Biden is sure to challenge any conviction under this precedent.

And it could very well turn out that Joe Biden is begging Clarence Thomas and the other conservatives on the Supreme Court to make his son Hunter the poster child for the Second Amendment while at the same trying to disarm every other law-abiding gun owner in America.

Should the Supreme Court throw out any conviction against Hunter Biden on gun charges?