Joe Biden is breaking his own bad record just in time for Thanksgiving

President Joe Biden is making every trip to the grocery store more painful than the last. 

And that pain is felt most when preparing for a large family get together for the Holidays. 

And just in time for Thanksgiving, President Biden is breaking a record he isn’t thankful to own. 

Happy Holidays?

Last month, thanks to the Biden Economy and runway Bidenflation, the 2022 Halloween was the most expensive ever for American families wishing to commemorate the occasion with candy, costumes, and scary parties. 

Now, it’s that turkey time of the year. 

And once again, it’s going to be the most expensive ever, thanks to President Joe Biden’s economic policies. 

The current most expensive year to host a Thanksgiving dinner is 2021 – President Biden’s first Thanksgiving as Commander-in-Chief. 

However, that’s about to change, as Biden is on the verge of breaking his own embarrassing record. 

Every year, the American Farm Bureau breaks down the average cost of a Thanksgiving feast, looking at the price of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberries and pumpkin pie. 

Last year, that turkey dinner cost the average American family $53.31 – a 14% increase from former President Donald Trump’s final year in the White House. 

Biden breaks his own bad record

While the Farm Bureau has yet to release its estimate for this year, economists are anticipating this year’s supper will cost Americans 13.5% more than it did last year – an average of $60.25 per family meal. 

That $60.25 could cost someone in the family a Black Friday Christmas Present under the tree this year. 

And it’s not hard to see why many American workers are considering visiting that Colonel from Kentucky instead of slaving over a hot stove this November 24. 

Every staple item of a Thanksgiving dinner is up dramatically from 2021’s record prices, including: Turkey +21%, Stuffing +69%, Rolls +22%, Sweet Potatoes +11%, Russet Potatoes +23%, Green Beans +25%, Peas +23%, Pumpkin Pie Mix +18%, Pie Shells +26%, Whipping Cream +26%, Milk +16%, eggs +42%, butter and margarine +34% – and for those families that decide to go with a pig in place of a bird, Ham +7%.

The Biden Economy isn’t exactly setting off fireworks

Those increases are a far cry from July of 2021, when the Biden Administration tried taking credit for an imagined 16-cent saving for an entire Independence Day barbeque celebration. 

Of course, much like Thanksgiving and Halloween this year, the 2022 4th of July costs more than negated any alleged 2021 savings – jumping up a full $10. 

That’s 63-times more than the savings from 2021 compared to Independence Day 2020. 

Much like everything else under Joe Biden’s watch, the Holidays are simply unaffordable for most Americans with leftists in charge. 

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