Joe Biden is cackling in delight as millions of Americans sweat through their shirts

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Absolutely nothing or nobody is safe from the Left’s radical climate agenda. 

Leftists have determined that a number of household objects are bad for the environment and must be banned.

And Joe Biden is cackling in delight as millions of Americans sweat through their shirts. 

The Biden administration is determined to bankrupt middle-class Americans

Temperatures are rising all across the nation, and as a result, many Americans are turning on their air conditioners for the first time this year. 

Air conditioning is one of those things that Americans cannot live without, especially if they live in a part of the country that has high summer temperatures. 

But Joe Biden and the radical Left are trying to change that. 

In a misguided attempt to save the planet, Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new regulations limiting the supply of refrigerants required to operate air conditioning units. 

These production quotas are causing the price of refrigerants to skyrocket, in some cases even tripling the costs. 

According to a report by Fox News, many customers in need of a recharge are paying anywhere from $100 to $500 more. 

To make matters worse, these quotas are set to get much stricter next year, meaning that the price hikes will continue to rise in the coming years. 

This will affect Americans in places like Texas, California, and the southeast, which see especially hot weather in the summer months. 

However, Joe Biden’s crusade against air conditioners does not end there. 

The EPA recently proposed a new regulation that would outlaw many affordable air conditioner models, thus pushing the median price of all air conditioners even higher.

 If approved, this regulation could take effect as early as 2025. 

The radical Left loathes air conditioners, as well as other common appliances, because they allegedly emit harmful gasses that contribute to global warming. 

Joe Biden has not yet released a comment or statement about any plans to remove air conditioning from the White House or any of his other residences, and he is not expected to anytime soon. 

Democrats have a different set of rules for themselves

These regulations from the Biden administration will undoubtedly increase energy costs.

Nevertheless, do not expect Joe Biden or any of his cronies to ditch their air conditioning units anytime soon. 

Moves like this from the EPA are prime examples of the danger big government poses to the American public. 

Instead of focusing on real solutions to clean the country’s air and water, the EPA is bound and determined to destroy businesses and make life miserable for average Americans along the way. 

And with an economic crisis on the horizon, now is the worst possible time to inflict even more economic pain on America. 

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