Joe Biden is furious at this top Democrat for what he said about Twittergate

One of the most criminally underreported stories of the year is undoubtedly the massive corruption that is being uncovered over at Twitter. 

It appears as if government officials have been colluding with Big Tech for years, and unsurprisingly the corporate-controlled media does not want the public to know about it. 

But now Joe Biden is furious at this top Democrat for what he said about Twittergate

Joe Biden and his goons will stop at nothing to gain more power

Over the last several weeks and months, information has been gathered that indicates that top Deep State officials have conspired behind closed doors with Big Tech to make various political gains. 

Most shockingly, it has been revealed that top actors in the FBI pressured Big Tech to censor certain stories that could have been potentially damaging to Joe Biden. 

The most obvious example was revealed by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk.  

According to the documents and internal memos that Musk released, top FBI agents met with Twitter executives and Twitter lawyers to censor certain stories, including the New York Post’s expose on the Hunter Biden laptop story, right before the 2020 election. 

This is an obvious and flagrant example of corruption, but as you can imagine, the corporate-controlled media is not very eager to shine some light on this scandal. 

The good news is, even some Democrats are sounding the alarm on this clear and obvious example of corruption. 

One such Democrat is Representative Ro Khanna, who represents California’s 17th District in the United States House of Representatives. 

On the Hugh Hewitt Show recently, Rep. Khanna was asked “Can you find readily, Congressman, mainstream legacy media coverage of the Twitter files? Because I can’t.”

To which Rep. Khanna replied, “You know, I have not been invited, actually, to discuss this that much. But you know, Hugh, you raise something, I think, that is an important issue, and that is that, in this country, we’re having two different conversations. And half the country is focused on the Twitter files and whether free speech was suppressed and that’s the biggest story. The other half of the country doesn’t even know this conversation is going on. And this is a challenge.” 

Modern America has become a tale of two countries

Rep. Khanna highlights a very true yet very sad fact about the state of the nation. 

Due to the immense power that the corporate-controlled media possess, millions of Americans now find themselves woefully misinformed. 

The fact that half of the country is not even aware of this major scandal tells you that there are very powerful people who are working very hard to ensure this story is not leaked to the general public. 

The bottom line is, Americans deserve answers over this very troubling story. 

Clearly, the FBI was acting with political motives, which is not what they ought to be doing at all. 

If the FBI really did influence Twitter to silence the New York Post before the 2020 election, then that proves that there was election meddling from within the Deep State and people must be held accountable accordingly. 

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