Joe Biden is holding on to this insurance policy to guarantee Trump ends up in jail

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Joe Biden is not leaving anything to chance.

Biden marshaled the power of a weaponized government to arrest Donald Trump, and now the whole system is rigged against him.

And that’s because Joe Biden is holding on to this insurance policy to guarantee Trump ends up in jail.

Democrat prosecutors in Manhattan and Georgia are bringing laughably weak cases against Donald Trump.

Biden prosecutor Jack Smith was forced to bring charges against Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago hoax in a Florida jurisdiction with a fair judge and a fair jury pool.

But that doesn’t mean Biden is ready to accept that the scheme to wage lawfare against Donald Trump in the 2024 race will fail.

Instead, Biden doubled down as Smith announced he intends to arrest Trump in Washington, D.C., on charges relating to him contesting the 2024 election.

Charging Trump in Washington, D.C., guarantees a kangaroo court where Smith will pick jurors from a pool of Democrats inflicted with stage four Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“If Mr. Trump is indicted, he will be put on trial in the District, where he remains deeply unpopular. In the 2016 Presidential election, Mr. Trump garnered a mere 4% of the vote in the city and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, won a commanding 91%. Four years later, Mr. Trump won 5% of the vote and Joseph R. Biden won 93%. Mr. Biden’s 88% margin of victory was the largest secured by any major Party’s Presidential candidate in any jurisdiction since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s landslide win in 1936,” the Washington Times reports.

Experts agree that any trial in Washington, D.C. is a stacked deck, and Trump stands no chance of a fair trial.

“D.C. is arguably the worst possible jury pool outside of conducting voir dire entirely within the [Democratic National Committee] headquarters,” George Washington Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told the Washington Times.

Conservative legal experts were more blunt, telling the Washington Times that Donald Trump stood no chance in a rigged trial where an Obama judge will oversee a jury of 12 Democrats presiding over his fate.

“It’s the worst combination for Trump: a highly political prosecutor, largely partisan Democrat judges, and a jury pool that is 90% Democrat. It’s a trifecta that guarantees Trump will be found guilty,” Article III Project President Mike Davis stated.

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