Joe Biden is in desperation mode after getting this awful news

Of all of the problems plaguing America right now, few are as pressing and important as the economy.

After less than two years in office, Joe Biden has made a complete mess of things.

And now Joe Biden is in desperation mode after getting this awful news.

The economy is in ruins and Joe Biden is entirely to blame

Joe Biden has not even been in office for two years yet and he has managed to completely make a mess of Trump’s once robust economy.

When Trump was President, inflation was very low, the markets were strong, and prices were relatively low. 

The exact opposite is true under Joe Biden’s watch, and it looks like things might be getting worse in the very near future.

On NPR’s “Morning Edition” last Thursday, NPR’s Chief Economics Correspondent Scott Horsley roasted Joe Biden’s terrible economic performance. 

Horsley admitted, “This is the gross domestic product, the government’s broadest measure of economic activity. And today’s report shows it grew at an annual pace of 2.6% in late summer and early fall, which sounds pretty good, especially compared to the first half of the year, when GDP showed the economy shrinking. In reality, though, the economy’s kind of in a holding pattern.”

That is not good news for the economy whatsoever. 

When Trump was President, the GDP grew rapidly, but as you can see, under Biden it is stagnant and with rapid inflation, it is fair to say it is shrinking. 

That is the exact opposite of what you want to see, and it does not bode well for the future of America. 

Drastic change will be needed to turn the ship around, and that change begins in Washington, D.C. 

Joe Biden’s far-left, socialist economic strategy clearly is not working, and anything that can be done to stop the damage he is doing is much needed. 

What the average American can do to fight back against Biden

The most effective thing Americans can do to change the way things are going for the economy is to vote this November. 

Taking back control of Congress is an hugely important first step towards taking power from the radical far Left. 

The alternative is two more years of economic devastation, which has been a direct result of Democrat control. 

Democrats have no concern for the economy or the future of America, and are instead far more concerned with recklessly spending trillions of dollars on foreign wars, welfare programs, and other wasteful projects for their politically-connected allies.

The Democrat agenda has never worked, is not working, and will likely never work, which makes Republicans winning back Congress a necessity.

If Republicans are able to take back control of Congress this November, putting a stop to Joe Biden’s radical agenda must be their mission.

Gone are the days of Joe Biden doing everything and anything he wants. 

If Republicans take over they must take a stand and stop some of the bleeding that is destroying the economy and future prospects of this nation.

The economy should never be allowed to be some social justice project ever again. 

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