Joe Biden is in hot water after this disturbing giveaway to China was exposed

Joe Biden ran for President on an America Last platform.

But no one expected Biden would stoop this low once in office.

And now Joe Biden is in hot water after this disturbing giveaway to China was exposed.

Biden betrayed America

As a full-fledged environmental wacko, Joe Biden is using the crisis he created to try to force a “great transition” to “green energy” sources like wind and solar.

While Biden is trying to force solar energy on the country, his own regime is looking to give away promising battery technology for solar energy to China.

Taxpayer funded scientists working at the government’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory created a “vanadium redox flow battery” that stores solar energy for longer periods of time.

Storing the energy created by solar power is one of the main obstacles to it becoming a reliable source of energy.

The federal government holds the patent on this new battery after it was created in a federal lab with taxpayer money.

In 2012, during Barack Obama’s Presidency, one of the scientists who developed the battery, Gary Yang, was licensed by the government to develop the battery for commercial use.

Yang is an American citizen who was born in China.

He started a company called UniEnergy Technology that was supposed to use the technology to build the new batteries in the United States.

In July of 2021, UniEnergy requested that the battery be licensed to a Dutch company that would build them in China, thus giving the communist government access to the promising technology.

It took 90 minutes for the government to sign off on the transfer.

The Dutch company’s website stated plainly that it intended to violate American law by building the batteries in China.

Now Biden’s under investigation

The Department of Energy’s Inspector General is investigating why the Biden regime gave the battery technology to a foreign company that would build them in China instead of the United States.

Senators  John Barrasso (R-WY) and Joni Ernst (R-IA) sounded the alarm on the disturbing move in a letter to the Inspector General.

In 2021, under President Joe Biden, there was an “illicit Department of Energy (DOE) transfer of a fifteen million dollar, taxpayer-funded advanced battery technology to China,” the Senators wrote.

The foreign company that received the license “plainly stated on their official website that they planned to manufacture the batteries in China,” despite the license having “a requirement that the batteries be ‘substantially manufactured’ in the U.S. As these stipulations were continuously violated, DOE never raised any concern,” the Senators continued.

“We are concerned that this is an overt dereliction of duty by DOE, and that this case may be emblematic of a department that routinely and flippantly permits government-funded technology to be transferred to China,” the Senators concluded.

Energy Department Inspector General Teri Donaldson responded to the letter by claiming that “we are conducting a thorough review of this matter.”

Joe Biden is giving the Chinese a leg up by letting them take advantage of American taxpayers.

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