Joe Biden is in panic mode after finding out one of his top officials is in Congress’ crosshairs

Things are not going well for Joe Biden right now. 

His approval ratings are in the dumps and Republicans are gearing up to take control of the House once again. 

And now Joe Biden is in panic mode after finding out one of his top officials is in Congress’ crosshairs. 

Joe Biden’s administration is about to get a major wake up call

For the last two years, Joe Biden has had the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi in his corner each and every time. 

Every radical policy initiative he could dream of was passed with ease, and to make matters worse, the Democrat-led House was used and abused to attack any conservative that got in Joe Biden’s way. 

But after the Midterm elections, this is coming to a screeching halt. 

Even though Republicans did not win as many seats as they hoped for, they were able to secure a narrow majority nonetheless . 

Kevin McCarthy will likely be the next Speaker, which means that major changes will happen at the House of Representatives. 

Major committees will be completely gutted, which will hopefully put an end to the Democrat witch hunts that have plagued headlines for years. 

Now is the time for Republicans to start investigating Joe Biden and his cronies, and according to reports, one of their first targets will be Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

During his time as the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Mayorkas has made it his mission to make America’s borders as porous and dangerous as possible. 

For this reason, among many others, many Republicans believe now is the time to hold him accountable for the damage he is doing to America.

On Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Representative Ronny Jackson of Texas made it very clear that he is pursuing impeachment when it comes to Mayorkas. 

When asked if he is serious about impeachment, Rep. Jackson responded with “Absolutely, we are going to start the process. He has to go. There’s been no accountability in the administration for anything that they have done, whether it’s been the economy, or COVID, or the disaster overseas in Afghanistan or our border.”

He went on to say “We are going to investigate every decision he’s made. We’re going to use the power of subpoena, we’re going to use the power of the purse and come after Mayorkas, he needs to go. We need to make an example of Mayorkas, and he’ll be just the start of what we do in this new Congress, but he’s absolutely got to go.”

This is exactly the sort of leadership America needs right now. 

Holding Joe Biden and his horrible administration accountable for the damage they are doing must be a top priority for this new Congress. 

As Rep. Jackson pointed out, Mayorkas has failed every single step of the way so far, and America deserves to know why he has failed so badly. 

Keeping America and Americans safe must be a top priority, yet Mayorkas and the Biden administration are doing everything in their power to achieve the exact opposite. 

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