Joe Biden is in total shock after being put in his place by this Democrat

America’s southern border is under siege. 

Every single day, thousands of unvetted migrants pour into America and the results have been catastrophic. 

But Joe Biden is in total shock after being put in his place by this Democrat. 

What is happening at the southern border is nothing short of an invasion

Joe Biden’s weak stance on border security is allowing thousands of completely unknown illegal aliens to pour into the nation. 

As a direct result, border towns have been overwhelmed and ruined and this depravity has already crept into every single American community. 

This does not seem to bother Joe Biden one bit. 

But fortunately, other Democrats are raising the alarm. 

One such Democrat is Representative Henry Cuellar who represents Texas’s 26th District in the United State House of Representatives. 

The 26th District has a very long and extensive border with Mexico, so Rep. Cuellar knows firsthand about the devastating impact that illegal immigration has on his district.  

Last Tuesday on Fox News’ America Reports program, Rep. Cuellar did not hold back about his disappointment regarding Joe Biden’s weak stance on border security. 

When asked about his stance on Joe Biden’s border policies, Rep. Cuellar claimed “Well, look, policies have to change, policies have to change. You can change individuals, but if you don’t change the policies, then you’re not going to make a difference at the border.” 

He then went on to say, “I will tell you this, that when you have large numbers of individuals coming in, you have to make sure that every person doesn’t have a criminal record . . . So, yes, when you have large numbers of people, you always run the risk that you’re going to find some bad apples in that large number.” 

The fact that a Democrat is making these claims should be a wake-up call to Democrats everywhere who have completely neglected this crisis for years. 

Democrats often brush off concerns about the southern border, calling them “political” or “racist,” which is admittedly how they dismiss almost every pressing issue they do not want to address. 

Border security ought to be at the very top of Joe Biden’s agenda

Border security is a bipartisan concern and Joe Biden would be smart to make it a top part of his agenda. 

Unfortunately, it does not look like this will happen any time soon. 

That is because Joe Biden and his radical cronies in Washington, D.C. have nothing to gain politically by closing down the border. 

The more illegal aliens that flow into the United States, the more opportunities he has to turn them into Democrat voters, which is all Joe Biden really cares about at the end of the day. 

After all, career politicians like Joe Biden only care about winning elections at the end of the day. 

If Joe Biden keeps ignoring border security for political gain, then the results will be nothing short of devastating.

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