Joe Biden is looking at a 2024 crisis that will guarantee his defeat

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia,

Joe Biden’s handlers thought they had their path to a second term all mapped out.

If Biden ran against Donald Trump, Democrats would just replay their strategy from 2020 and coast to victory.

But now Joe Biden is looking at a 2024 crisis that will guarantee his defeat.

During the 2020 election, Democrats and the media got away with portraying Joe Biden as the loveable Irish uncle with a weakness for ice cream and aviator sunglasses.

Now that Joe Biden has a record in office, Democrats can’t pitch Biden to voters as a blank slate and frame the election as a referendum on Donald Trump.

Instead, the election will focus on Biden’s performance as President.

Thanks to the media smear campaigns, Deep State witch hunts, and Democrat Party conspiracy theories, Donald Trump also faces challenges with voters on his approval ratings.

However, the fact that some voters obsess over mean tweets won’t bail out Biden and the Democrats in 2024.

That’s because the group “No Labels” raised $50 million to secure ballot access for a unity ticket of a RINO Republican and so-called “moderate” Democrat in all 50 states.

“No Labels” made it clear that they plan to proceed if the General Election is a rematch between Trump and Biden.

And a poll by “No Labels” shows that a third-party option gives voters who dislike Trump and Biden a safe landing spot.

However, a “No Labels” candidate would drain more votes from Biden than Trump in the key swing states, thus handing the election to the Republicans.

Democrats broke out into a panic over this prospect.

“I think it is worth freaking out about because I think this election is likely to be close,” Hawaii Democrat Senator Brian Schatz said in an interview with Axios. “And even if these idiots only get 3%, that could be 3% that throws the Electoral College in the wrong direction.”

But much to the Left’s chagrin, the poll numbers only emboldened “No Labels” to press forward with their third-party candidate.

“Their poll validates our strategy and what we’ve been saying all along — there’s an unprecedented opening for the Independent ticket, a lot of room to grow and a viable path to victory,” No Labels chief pollster Dritan Nesho told Axios.

“It’s a real insurance strategy given the weakness of and dissatisfaction with the major party candidates, especially Biden,” Nesho continued.

Democrats’ success in keeping third-party’s like the Green Party off the ballot in swing states such as Wisconsin proved pivotal in 2020.

But in 2024, Democrats are realizing that voters who don’t like either candidate won’t be forced to choose between Biden and Trump.

And that could provide the crucial margin for Trump.

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