Joe Biden is messing with this American oil refinery’s permit and the reason why will leave you red with rage

Among Joe Biden’s greatest failures as President – and there are many – skyrocketing gas prices has to be the biggest one.

Earlier this week, America hit a twisted “milestone” of sorts where the national average price of a gallon of gas doubled since Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

Now Joe Biden is messing with this American oil refinery’s permit and the reason why will leave you red with rage.

“Sue and settle” = “regulation by litigation”

Before one can dive into the specifics of why the Biden administration did what they did to this oil refinery’s permit, one must understand how the Obama administration operated in the past.

Previous administrations, but particularly the Obama administration, would engage in a tactic called “sue and settle.”

Special interest environmental groups like the Sierra Club would sue the EPA and other federal agencies, which would then “force” the administration to settle the lawsuit by doing what these Leftist groups wanted.

Conservatives rightly slammed the tactic calling it “regulation through litigation” because this tactic allowed the government to bypass the regulatory rulemaking process and do what the tree-hugging hippies in the EPA probably wanted to do anyway.

However, President Trump’s first EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a department wide memo that put an end to the process.

But Joe Biden’s EPA Administrator Michael Regan recently rescinded the obstacles Pruitt set up, which is now allowing “sue and settle” to come back with a vengeance.

Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge!

Perhaps this is just a cosmic coincidence, but it just so happens that after Biden’s EPA practically reinstated “sue and settle” they settled a lawsuit filed against them by the Sierra Club and The Environmental Integrity Project by bowing to these groups’ demands.

In order to get these left-wing lawyers to drop their lawsuits, the Biden EPA issued an order granting part of their petition that objected to how EP’s Whiting petroleum refinery in Indiana was regulated.

The EPA’s order reads, “Based on a review of the Petition and other relevant materials, including the Permit, the permit record, and relevant statutory and regulatory authorities . . . the EPA grants in part and denies in part the Petition requesting that the EPA Administrator object to the Permit.”

Biden’s EPA then took it a step further by ordering the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to revise its permit for the refinery, which BP must then comply with in order to keep refining petroleum at that facility.

Now one may believe that this was just a big cluster of coincidences but let’s review the facts. 

It just so happens that after the Biden EPA removed the barriers to “sue and settle” that they sued and settled with some of the same left-wing organizations who abused “sue and settle” during Obama’s Presidency.

And, of course, it just so happens that these left-wing lawyers and the EPA decided to start messing with this American oil refinery’s permit while we’re in the middle of a gas shortage and experiencing historically high energy prices.

Oh, and it’s probably just a coincidence all of this just happened to occur right after Joe Biden gave a speech where he called skyrocketing gas prices part of America’s “incredible transition” to clean energy.

That certainly seems like a lot of coincidences, so many, in fact, that one may be inclined to call it a conspiracy.

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