Joe Biden is outraged after this fellow Democrat doesn’t hold back

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One approval rating poll after another shows that President Joe Biden is very unpopular amongst the American public. 

Even many Democrats are growing tired of his failed policies and radical agenda. 

And Joe Biden is outraged after this fellow Democrat doesn’t hold back.

Joe Manchin is doing everything he can to separate himself from Joe Biden

Earlier this year, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced his departure from the Democrat Party, now serving as an Independent.

Even more surprising, just last week Senator Joe Manchin announced that he will not run for another term in the Senate.

Many political experts believe that he has his eyes set on a Presidential run, which Manchin has hinted at with a number of cryptic statements.

On Wednesday, Manchin appeared on NBC News’ Meet the Press program, where he discussed current events with host Kristen Welker.

Welker asked Joe Manchin about legislation that he and President Joe Biden worked on together, including the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, the infrastructure spending package, CHIPS, the so-called gun safety law, and the impact his deal making has on the country.

“I was involved in every piece of legislation you just mentioned, because it’s a bipartisan group,” Manchin said. “We pulled out the bipartisan infrastructure bill out of the infamous BBB, Build Back Better. There was just too much. That was throwing too much.”

Joe Manchin was then asked whether he plans to run for President.

“I will do anything I can to help my country, and you’re saying, ‘Does that mean you would consider it?’ Absolutely. Every American should consider it if they’re in a position to help save the country,” Manchin said.

He added that “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure, to mobilize that moderate, sensible, commonsense middle. I’m totally, absolutely scared to death that Donald Trump would become President again. I think we will lose democracy as we know it.”

A Joe Manchin campaign could be a disaster for Joe Biden

In order for Joe Biden to win re-election in 2024, he must secure a sizable portion of the Independent vote.

However, with Robert Kennedy Jr. now running as an Independent, this task seems increasingly daunting.

If Manchin throws his hat into the ring as an Independent as well, then this could make Joe Biden’s odds for re-election even slimmer.

Polls have shown that Robert Kennedy Jr. has roughly a quarter of the electorate in his corner and a Manchin campaign could draw even more votes from Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who are both expected to win their Primary challenges. 

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