Joe Biden is preparing to make this dangerous and unprecedented move

When it comes to addressing the border crisis, Joe Biden and his administration have failed in a very big way. 

Each and every day thousands of illegal aliens pour across the border with no end in sight.  

And now Joe Biden is preparing to make this dangerous and unprecedented move. 

America’s southern border is in a state of disarray and Joe Biden does not care

As it stands, America’s border with Mexico is in a state of complete and utter chaos. 

By the day, thousands of illegal aliens are flooding into the nation without being checked, often taking advantage of America’s broken asylum laws. 

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden has done little to nothing to fix this crisis.  

If anything, his policies have made the mess even worse. 

Even more concerning, it appears as if things are only going to get much worse from here. 

That is because the Biden administration recently announced that the Department of Homeland Security will allow 360,000 more illegal aliens into America under the guise of “humanitarian parole.” 

Almost immediately after announcing this plan, outrage ensued. 

One individual who is livid about this decision is former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Chief Mark Morgan. 

In a statement, Morgan claimed, “In less than 24 months, our nation has been forced to address more than 6 million total encounters and got-aways, while Biden told us he had “more important things” to deal with.” 

He added, “With a stroke of a pen, Biden has gutted the network of tools, authorities, and policies we had in place to effectively secure our borders and protect the American people from a vast and complex set of threats facing our nation. He has forsaken his constitutional responsibilities, the rule of law, and the safety and national security of our nation in a transparent bid to secure perceived political benefits.” 

These are very strong and concerning statements from somebody who is an expert on the issue of border security. 

As Morgan says, Joe Biden has forsaken America when it comes to disastrous border policies. It appears as if Joe Biden simply does not care about the humanitarian crisis at the border and border security. 

Joe Biden’s reluctance to secure the border is costing lives

Despite what Joe Biden and his Democrat comrades are saying, the crisis happening at America’s southern border with Mexico is not a Republican talking point. 

Lives are being lost as a direct result of Joe Biden’s unwillingness to secure the border. 

Every single day massive amounts of deadly narcotics such as fentanyl are pouring through the border, and as a result, Americans are dropping like flies. 

Securing the border is a matter of national security, yet Joe Biden does not care a single bit. 

The effects of having a porous border are very profound and far-reaching, and until Joe Biden is willing to work with House Republicans to make meaningful changes, these plagues will only continue to get worse. 

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