Joe Biden is ruining Halloween for millions of Americans

Under Joe Biden’s watch, just about everything in America has gotten more expensive. 

This is making life very difficult for Americans, especially for those with families who are living paycheck to paycheck. 

But now Joe Biden is ruining Halloween for millions of Americans. 

Joe Biden is making life miserable for Americans everywhere

At this point in Joe Biden’s Presidency, he has made it very clear that he cannot do anything right. 

Everything he touches turns to crap, like a reverse Midas touch. 

And now it looks as if Halloween will be more expensive and difficult for families to pull off than at any other time in recent memory. 

That is because according to the National Retail Federation, the cost of a large pumpkin is climbing to an average of $5.68, up from $4.92 last year.  

This is an approximate increase of 14%, and combined with the weakening of the dollar due to inflation, this increase is nothing to laugh about. 

Many other Halloween staples such as candy, costumes, and decorations are expected to go up as well. 

Many on the Left are claiming that these price hikes were caused by ruined crops as a result of global warming, but the truth is much more damning.

Prices are not going up because of global warming, but rather the crumbling economy. 

And make no mistake, Joe Biden and his socialist cronies in Washington, D.C. are 100% to blame. 

As a direct result of printing money and spending it like there is no tomorrow, inflation has reached 40-year highs, and in response, prices have gone through the roof for just about every imaginable commercial good. 

What can be done about these astronomical price hikes?

In the short term, there is very little that can be done to mitigate the damage Joe Biden has done to the United States economy. 

Many experts believe the worst has yet to come, and next year is projected to be an awful year for the United States economy. 

The one thing average Americans can do is vote for candidates this November who reject Joe Biden’s failed, socialist, Big Government economic policies. 

Taking back Congress is an important first step in stopping Joe Biden’s extreme agenda and for putting a temporary stop to the bleeding when it comes to out-of-control spending. 

For many low-income and middle-income families, price hikes on common goods such as pumpkins are making holidays more and more difficult to pull off for their kids. 

Many people who count every penny will be forced to make some serious cuts this Halloween, bringing unmeasurable sadness to thousands of children.  

Thanks, Joe Biden. 

Halloween is just the beginning.  

Many experts predict similar price hikes to affect other beloved holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

To make matters even worse, Joe Biden has no rational plan to turn the economy around.  

It looks like a complete economic collapse is more likely by the day. 

Long story short, Joe Biden is destroying this nation from the inside out. 

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