Joe Biden is scrambling after learning this staple food item might be in short supply soon

Joe Biden has not been in office for even two years, yet he has managed to destroy all of Trump’s progress.

Nearly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong under Joe Biden’s watch.

But now Biden is scrambling after learning this staple food item might be in short supply soon.

America has been plunged into a state of constant chaos by Biden and his cronies

It is hard to remember a President who screwed things up as badly as Biden has in less than two years’ time.

Many people like to compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter, but by most accounts, it looks like Joe Biden is doing much worse than Carter.

Almost every single day there is news of a new calamity or crisis that has the potential to severely impact the lives of millions of Americans and more often than not it is a direct result of one of Joe Biden’s failed policies.

The latest crisis to hit the United States came just the other day when it was reported that Americans may be facing a tomato shortage very soon.

According to the California Tomato Growers Association, which is responsible for much of the tomatoes grown in the United States, tomatoes may be in short supply due to resource droughts in recent years.

That means common products such as pasta sauce, ketchup, salsa, and everything else made from tomatoes will be more scarce and more expensive in the very near future.

Water has always been in short supply in California, and the government (both California and the federal governments) has completely failed the people of California.

One of the main purposes of government is to provide these essential resources to the public, and these droughts are unacceptable.

This is just the first of many food shortages that have stricken the nation, others include beef, chicken, baby formula, and countless other raw materials.

As it stands, America is closer to a complete economic crisis worse than 2008.

Not only are prices reaching record levels for common goods, but these goods are also becoming very scarce, which is a deadly combination for producers and consumers.

What Joe Biden can do to combat food shortages and rising food prices

There is a lot Joe Biden can do to fight back against these food shortages, however, it seems like Joe Biden is more interested in going on vacation.

Food shortages like this one have the potential to completely unravel the United States, which it seems like he wants at this point.

Americans need to stand up to selfish politicians who are unaffected by food prices going through the roof.

After all, these elitists have not been in a grocery store in decades, if ever.

The disconnect between them and the American public is absurd to say the very least.

The best way for Americans to fight back is to either grow their own fruits and vegetables or vote against Joe Biden and the Democrat’s political machine.

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