Joe Biden is seething with rage over this potential investigation

After serving for less than two years, Joe Biden has already cemented himself as one of the worst Presidents in American history. 

Democrats have worked night and day to shield Joe Biden from any sort of meaningful criticism, but with Republicans set to take over the House, this is all coming to an end. 

And now Joe Biden is seething with rage over this potential investigation. 

Joe Biden’s house of cards is about to collapse

Ever since taking the oath of office, Joe Biden’s term has been riddled with failures, scandals, and shortcomings. 

The only thing that has protected Joe Biden so far has been the Democrats who control Congress. 

As long as Democrats had a lock on the House and Senate, Joe Biden had little worry about. 

But all of that is about to change with Republicans set to take control of the House, and Joe Biden is not happy about it at all. 

Before too long, Joe Biden and his administration will be forced to provide answers for their scandals and shortcomings in front of Congress and the American public. 

Many political experts believe these hearings could get very ugly, and some even believe that they could result in subpoenas for Joe Biden’s cohorts and family. 

One such political expert is Peter Schweizer, who is an author and serves as the president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI). 

While guest hosting the Sean Hannity show recently, Schweizer predicted, “What I think we’re going to see with this new Congress are actual Congressional hearings where Hunter Biden is subpoenaed.”

He added, “It’s been four years since we first broke this story with Sean Hannity in 2018, but it’s now finally coming to fruition, and that’s something we should all be very excited about.”

If true, then this could have major political ramifications for Joe Biden and his Democrat allies in Washington, D.C. 

Americans are very concerned about the Hunter Biden laptop story, and digging into this story more could unveil an awful lot about Joe Biden and the Democrats. 

One thing is for certain, Joe Biden does not want the public to know more about Hunter Biden, and an investigation into the Biden Crime Family would be devastating for his administration and legacy. 

What could be next for the Hunter Biden scandal?

With Republicans set to take back control of the House soon, it is fair to say that the Hunter Biden scandal is not going to fade away anytime soon

Americans deserve to know more about his shady business dealings and what exactly was on his infamous laptop. 

More importantly, Americans also deserve to know why the FBI thought it was appropriate to cover this major story up right before the 2020 Presidential election. 

There is an awful lot of shadiness going on in Washington, D.C. and it is up to House Republicans to get to the bottom of it. 

House Republicans must not back down from this challenge and grilling Joe Biden and his cohorts must be their game plan or else the Democrats will get away with their dubious actions. 

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