Joe Biden is spending millions on a new curriculum for prisoners that will make your jaw drop

In May, America’s inflation rate soared to 8.6 percent, which is the highest it had been in forty one years.

But instead of working with Congress to cut government spending and help alleviate some of America’s inflation pains, Joe Biden is actively encouraging Congress and his administration to spend even more money.

In fact, Joe Biden is spending millions on a new curriculum for prisoners that will make your jaw drop.

Joe Biden’s inflation nation

Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden has no real plan to bring down America’s inflation rate and that’s because it appears that the President doesn’t know what causes inflation.

When asked about how government spending was impacting inflation, Biden told reporters, “You could argue whether it had a marginal — a minor impact on inflation. I don’t think it did.  And most economists do not think it did. But the idea that it caused inflation is bizarre.”

The President then continued to show his economic ignorance by saying, “I don’t want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending. We are changing people’s lives.”

And there you have it.

Joe Biden does not care how much pain is inflicted upon the American people, so long as it advances his radical left-wing agenda.

While this is a startling revelation, it is unfortunately an unsurprising one.

Biden had admitted on multiple occasions that the pain at the pump millions of Americans are experiencing is the price we’ll have to pay to transition away from fossil fuels.

And apparently this attitude is shared by multiple members of the Biden administration as one of the President’s top advisors told CNN, “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.”

The transitioning of America

However, green energy usage is not the only thing Joe Biden is trying to help transition in the country.

Recently, Biden’s Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), which is part of the Department of Justice (DOJ), announced that they were partnering with The Change Companies to develop a “transgender programming curriculum” that will be used in all American prisons.

In a statement, Biden’s BOP stated that they hope the new curriculum, “teaches techniques to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional, and sexual health and safety.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons further described the work The Change Companies was providing the Biden administration by saying, “Through this engagement, the vendor has been tasked to develop transgender-specific programming to be implemented at all BOP institutions nationwide. These include three programs focused on reentry, transition acceptance, and a support group to assist transgender inmates in addressing reentry needs and managing identity concerns. The vendor is in the process of creating these programs, which will include full curricula and facilitator’s guides, the use of instructional workbooks, and videos.”

Supporters of the program will argue that the $1.5 million is a necessary expense as there are transgender inmates in the federal prison system.

However, what they fail to mention is the fact that the BOP already has a “Transgender Offender Manual,” which states how staff are to treat transgender inmates and establishes new protocols regarding gender reassignment surgeries for inmates.

The BOP also failed to mention how much these new programs were going to cost taxpayers as the previously mentioned $1.5 million was how much the government paid The Change Companies to create the curriculum.

So instead of already using the new manual and protocols the Biden administration implemented in January, they’ve elected to waste and plan to waste even more of your tax dollars on redundant prison programs, all to appease the most extreme elements of their leftist base.

According to the government’s website, the development phase of this transgender curriculum is expected to be completed by the end of September.

But how big of a spending boondoggle this will become, unfortunately remains to be seen.

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