Joe Biden is sputtering for answers after getting slapped with this major lawsuit

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The walls are closing in on the Biden family, who have allegedly engaged in corrupt activities for many years now. 

Congress has already uncovered hordes of evidence indicating that Joe Biden and his family have abused political power for personal gain. 

But Joe Biden is sputtering for answers after getting slapped with this major lawsuit. 

Joe Biden’s latest scheme proves that he had something to hide

House Republicans have uncovered a shocking amount of evidence indicating that then-Vice President Joe Biden and his family, participated in a pay-to-play scheme in which foreign actors paid them in exchange for influence to the Obama White House. 

Even more damning, the National Archives just handed over a collection of roughly 82,000 pages of emails sent to and from Joe Biden during his eight years as Vice President. 

Many of these emails included “[email protected],” “[email protected],” and “[email protected],” which are believed to be fake accounts used by Joe Biden to conduct illicit business. 

The Georgia-based Southeastern Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden regarding these communications, claiming that they are an obvious violation of federal law. 

Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) General Counsel Kimberly Hermann recently spoke to the New York Post on the matter, saying that “the fact that as Vice-President, Joe Biden sent 82,000 pages of emails from alias email addresses is shocking.”

She added that “the American public has a right to know what is in those emails. SLF remains hopeful that now that we have confirmed that the emails exist, NARA will fulfill its legal obligation and produce them in a timely and transparent manner.”

Congressman and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, similarly spoke to the New York Post, saying that “the National Archives has identified 82,000 pages of emails where then-Vice President Joe Biden used a fake name, but the Biden White House has only cleared 14 pages in response to multiple Oversight Committee requests for documents related to then-Vice President Biden.”

He added that “this lack of transparency from the self-identified ‘most transparent administration in history’ is looking more like obstruction every day. Congress needs full access to these records and others as part of our investigation into Joe Biden and the Biden family’s corruption. The House Oversight Committee will continue to use the power of the gavel to obtain records necessary to our investigation.”

What these emails could mean for the future of the Biden Administration

If the allegations regarding Joe Biden’s use of a pseudonym to conduct illicit business are true, then he and his family would be guilty of a long list of federal crimes. 

However, Joe Biden and his family have escaped justice on more than one occasion, and any sort of legal action against President Joe Biden will be slow-moving and heavily contested. 

Although immediate legal action seems doubtful, Joe Biden will still have to face voters in the court of public opinion, especially with the 2024 elections around the corner. 

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