Joe Biden is supporting these foreign nationals while turning his back on Americans

America is in a state of complete and total chaos.

While millions of Americans are suffering from natural disasters and the ruined economy, Joe Biden is doing everything but addressing these problems.

Now Biden is supporting these foreign nationals while turning his back on Americans.

Hurricane victims are outraged over this Joe Biden move

To say that Hurricane Ian was devastating is an understatement. 

Millions of people were affected, and thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses were completely leveled.

Not to mention the dozens of people who died or are still missing.

Rather than making disaster relief a top priority, Joe Biden has decided that he is far more interested in playing foreign policy games.

Despite having already sent Ukraine more than $12 billion this year, Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. announced that Ukraine will be getting another $600 million in military aid.

Some of the weapons the United States plans on sending includes advanced HIMAR rocket systems, 155mm Howitzers, armored vehicles, and ammunition.

Although it is easy to sympathize with the Ukrainians and the plight of their people right now, it is important to put Americans first.

Many communities in Florida are completely devastated from the Hurricane, and many still do not have cars, water, or electricity.

Joe Biden has made it clear that his policy is not America first, but rather America last. 

In addition to putting Americans last once again, Joe Biden is playing a very dangerous game by arming foreign armies.

Russia has already threatened the use of nuclear weapons, which it has the largest global stockpile of.

This is not something that America wants to get too tied up in whatsoever. 

From America First to America Last

At this point, such behavior and actions from Joe Biden and his cronies is less than surprising.

Whether it is giving generous benefits to illegal aliens or sending massive amounts of money to foreign wars, Joe Biden is making it his mission to put America last.

This is in part due to the left’s anti-American agenda, which Joe Biden and his handlers are obediently implementing.

Make no mistake, what is happening to Ukraine by the Russians is awful, but America needs to be very careful about getting too involved.

Humanitarian aid is one thing, but arming foreign armies has caused America serious problems before and could easily cause more problems in the future. 

Also, picking sides in a hot war with Russia is a painfully stupid idea.

Although Russia is a shell of its former Soviet self, they are still an immensely powerful nation that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. 

Instead of provoking more conflict, perhaps Joe Biden should try bringing the two nations together for peace talks. 

Having said that, the best thing he could do at the end of the day is completely absolve himself from the conflict altogether. 

After all, he has managed to ruin everything he touches when it comes to this country. 

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