Joe Biden is under fire for appointing someone with ties to a Communist Chinese intel operation

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Joe Biden is pushing some ultra-radical appointees.

And Congress has, for the most part, let them fly by without much more than token opposition.

But that could change as Joe Biden is under fire for appointing someone with ties to a Communist Chinese intel operation.

Joe Biden’s appointee to represent the United States at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) served in an organization identified as a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence front group.

Calls mount for an investigation

Dominic Ng, CEO of East West Bank, served at an “executive-director level” at the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA), according to statements an East West Bank spokesman made to American Banker

The statements were put out following a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation that found Ng served as “executive director” at COEA between 2013 and 2017. 

This was before Ng began a five-year position with the same title of “executive director” at the related China Overseas Friendship Association (COFA) in 2019. 

Both COEA and COFA have been identified by experts as Communist Chinese intelligence front groups.

And Biden appointed the man who was involved with both of them.

That’s why six Republican members of Congress have called for a full investigation into Ng and his activities on behalf of the Communist Chinese.

Led by Texas Congressman Lance Gooden, the six members of Congress sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding an investigation into Ng’s reported ties to the CCP.  

The statement by COEA says the recent scrutiny into Ng’s alleged ties to the Communist Chinese are just “conspiracy theories.” 

He should be disqualified

But the bank’s spokesman then went on to try and deny Ng had ever been involved with COFA, according to the report. 

But whether he was involved with both, or just one, doesn’t matter, as both are identified as Communist Chinese front groups.

“An individual with ties to Chinese intelligence front groups should be disqualified from public office,” Congressman Gooden told the Daily Caller News Foundation

“If he has any integrity, Mr. Ng would step down until an investigation has time to occur,” Gooden continued.

A number of leading Communist Chinese intelligence analysts have identified both COEA and COFA (the two merged in 2019) as front groups for the United Front Work Department (UFWD), a CCP agency overseeing both influence and intelligence operations.

“American law and policy makers need to stand firm against candidates who have known associations with the COEA or COFA because it’s a part of the CCP’s UFWD which is responsible for coordinating domestic and foreign influence operations through propaganda and manipulation,” Ina Mitchell, co-author of The Mosaic Effect: How The Chinese Communist Party Started A War In America’s Backyard told the Daily Caller.

There is no word yet on any response to the letter from Gooden and his colleagues.

But given the increasing scrutiny Ng is under, there is a chance he will be forced to step down.

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