Joe Biden just accepted defeat on this major front in one unexpected phone call

Nearly a week after election day, a number of states are still tabulating their votes, and who will control Congress for the next two years remains a mystery. 

Not only did conservatives underperform in many key races, but the radical Left outperformed expectations in these same races. 

But Joe Biden just accepted defeat on this major front in one unexpected phone call.

Joe Biden should be careful before gloating about the election results

There is no way of sugarcoating it, election day was disappointing to say the very least. 

Republicans did not get the votes they hoped for in many key races, but it still seems as if Republicans might be able to pull out a slim majority in the House of Representatives. 

This assumption will not be confirmed until some sluggish states finish tallying up their votes, which may take some time. 

But it looks like Joe Biden knows something that the rest of America does not know because on Thursday, House Minority Leader and likely future Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy claimed that President Joe Biden gave him a phone call congratulating him on his new majority. 

According to Rep. McCarthy on Fox News, “It was kind of short. He congratulated me.  So for anyone who thinks we didn’t win the majority. Joe, at least, believes we did as well.”

He went on to say “He just wanted to call me, congratulate from that point, talk about where we can work together.  Look, I said I will work with anybody that wants to put America first and move us in the right direction.”

Joe Biden clarified the details of this high-stakes phone call on Thursday by saying “I congratulated him — I said, ‘And if you win the majority, congratulations.  But congratulations — so far, you’ve made some gains.” 

So with that phone call in mind, it seems likely that the GOP should be able to grab control of the House. 

Taking control of at least one chamber of Congress is absolutely crucial for Republicans because it can put a halt to some of the Biden administration’s radical policy initiatives.  

What GOP control of the House could mean for the future of America

Joe Biden has already shown he’ll use executive orders to try and implement some of his most controversial policies, including a massive student loan bailout, which was just blocked in the courts. 

What a potentially GOP-controlled House does mean is that the bogus investigation into Trump ought to slow down. 

And Republicans might have the opportunity to turn the table and launch an investigation into the FBI, DOJ, and other agencies that Merrick Garland and Joe Biden have abused. 

Another investigation that is increasingly likely is an investigation into Joe Biden’s infamous son, Hunter Biden. 

For years, Republicans have been exploring their options for investigating the highly illegal and corrupt business dealings carried out by hunter Biden and now might just be their chance. 

But all of this is dependent on whether Republicans can actually pull this thing out.  

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