Joe Biden just admitted publicly that he practically can’t even use the bathroom without asking permission

While Joe Biden’s Presidency may be in trouble, it’s the President himself people should be worried about.

Day after day, his declining mental faculties are put on display for the entire world to see, as his staffers attempt to hold his hand through the most menial tasks.

But Biden just admitted publicly that he practically can’t even use the bathroom without asking permission.

The trip that won’t end

Just one day after touching down in Israel, President Joe Biden is already embarrassing the United States on the international stage.

First, he broke the one rule he was given by his staff to not shake anyone’s hands on this trip – supposedly because of COVID – in order to avoid fully embracing Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

But three seconds after he stepped off of Air Force One and he had already broken that.

It did highlight the tremendous risk White House staffers take every time they allow President Biden more than three feet from his nearest handler, though.

Which is exactly why they apparently have to write out detailed notes for everything Joe Biden is supposed to do when he’s in front of the public and TV cameras, including a pre-approved list of which journalists are allowed to ask questions in a predetermined, rehearsed order.

And on his trip to Israel, even after already potentially creating an international incident with his hand shaking fiasco, Biden couldn’t help but have another gaffe involving said pre-approved list.

Immediately after taking the very first question in another of his rare, but brief, choreographed press conferences, Biden was prompted to call on additional reporters, and immediately went scrambling for his list.

“Um, sure. Uh, I was given a list here,” Biden said before finally figuring out that he was supposed to call on Reuters’ Steve Holland.

And as he continued with the press conference, Biden wasn’t even capable of going from one question to the next without scrambling for his list.

It was almost as if he feared physical abuse if he veered away from the list.

“The next person to ask us a question, I guess, is Nadia [Bilbassy],” the President said, referring to an Arabic news outlet’s reporter.

Not as bad as “keeping alive the honor of the Holocaust,” though

And to make matters even worse, the day before – even after the handshake fiasco – Biden also had the gaffe of all gaffes.

Speaking in Israel, Joe Biden urged the audience – of mostly Jewish people – to “keep alive the truth and honor the Holocaust.”

“Later today, I will once more return to the hallowed ground of . . . Yad Vashem to honor the 6 million Jewish lives that were stolen in a genocide and continue — which we must do every, every day — continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust — horror of the Holocaust — honor those we lost, so that we never, ever forget that lesson, you know, and to continue our shared, unending work to fight the poison of anti-Semitism wherever it raises its ugly head,” Biden said, according to Fox News.  

The man is a walking, talking – even if it’s a struggle – national embarrassment.

And this is the guy, after all, that the Left and corporate-controlled media told us would be more respectable than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden practically isn’t even allowed to sit down or go to the bathroom without it being written on a set of detailed line-by-line instructions by his White House staff.

How on Earth is anyone supposed to believe that Weekend at Bernie’s routine stops there?

Who is actually pulling the strings in the Oval Office?

It’s certainly not the guy who has to be corrected on whether or not the Holocaust should be “honored” or if it was a “horror,” or the guy who has to be told which reporters he can allow to ask him questions.

No wonder so many Democrats are turning on Joe Biden – even if they’ll still gladly brush all this away as just some “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

The man simply cannot be allowed to continue on for much longer like this.

For everyone’s sake.

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