Joe Biden just broke one polling record that is bad news for Democrats in November

The political atmosphere is bleak for Democrats.

With the Midterm elections coming up in less than six months, Democrats are running out of time to turn things around.

And Joe Biden just broke one polling record that is bad news for Democrats in November.

Midterm elections are often referendums on how well the current Party’s President has handled his or her job.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are tanking, potentially setting Democrats up for a wipeout this fall.

Since Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House and one seat in the Senate to oust Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from power, Democrats have little to no room for mistakes.

But the latest polls continue to show more bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The economy, inflation, and gas prices

Joe Biden’s trillions of dollars in socialist spending is leading to skyrocketing inflation and fears of a recession on the horizon.

Polls show that the economy (51%), inflation (51%), and gas prices (48%) are the top three issues facing voters this fall.

Unfortunately for Democrats, these are also the three areas where Joe Biden receives his lowest approval ratings.

37 percent of voters approve of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, 28 percent approve of his handling of inflation, and only 27 percent approve of the way he is dealing with record gas prices.

On Tuesday, the price of gas hit a new record high for the tenth consecutive day, averaging $4.919 per gallon.

Joe Biden set a polling record

According to a Wall Street Journal-NORC poll, 83 percent of Americans describe the state of the economy as poor or not so good.

The same poll showed only one percent of Americans view the economy as “excellent.”

Breitbart reported that “Sixty-three percent of Americans say they are extremely or very concerned about the price of gas. Fifty-four percent say they are extremely or very concerned about the impact of high grocery prices on their household’s financial situation. Just 13 percent say they not very or not at all concerned about gas prices and 19 percent about grocery prices.”

“The share of Americans who think they can improve their standard of living has plunged,” Breitbart continued. “Just 27 percent now say they have a good chance of improving, down from 47 percent a year ago. Forty-six percent say they don’t have a good chance of improving their standard of living.”

But that is not the only bad news the poll found for Biden and the Democrats.

Starting in 1972, the NORC began asking respondents if they were satisfied with their financial condition.

In the latest poll, 35 percent of respondents said they are not at all satisfied with their financial condition, setting a new record for the highest level of dissatisfaction ever reported.

No matter which way you look at it, without some type of miracle, Democrats are headed for a bloodbath at the polls in November. 

But instead of trying to find solutions to the problems, Joe Biden is trying to convince the American people that the economy is better than ever.

Last week, Biden even claimed that a record high number of Americans were comfortable.

Joe Biden is clueless.

More and more Americans are growing frustrated with Biden’s constant string of failures.

And the Democrats are going to pay a price for Joe Biden’s failures by losing control of Congress in November.

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