Joe Biden just delivered a punch in the gut to Americans with this one infuriating move

Joe Biden has been an epic disaster for the country.

His worst damage is on its way.

And Joe Biden just delivered a punch in the gut to Americans with this one infuriating move.

Joe Biden has become a card-carrying member of the Green New Deal wing of the Democrat Party led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On his first day in office, Biden shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and halted the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land.

Biden threatens to cripple American oil companies with Green New Deal policies in his Build Back Better bill.

After gas was under $2 a gallon for most of Trump’s Presidency, the price of gas has skyrocketed because of Biden’s environmental wacko agenda.

The price of gas and diesel has hit record highs, with more pain at the pump on the way.

Biden has trotted out a series of lame excuses for why gas prices are soaring under him.

He’s turned to the left-wing playbook of attacking oil companies for price gouging.

After the war in Ukraine started, he tried to pin everything on Vladimir Putin, blaming his failures on “Putin’s price hike.”

Instead of unleashing American energy, he’s doubled down on his green schemes like pushing electric cars.

Now, in the face of a major gas price crisis, he’s just delivered a punch in the gut to drivers.

Biden announced that he was shutting down some of the best lease opportunities for oil and gas drilling in Alaska.

The move shut down one-million acres in the oil rich Cook Inlet of Alaska for drilling.

In addition, two major leases in the Gulf of Mexico were shut down due to “conflicting court rulings that impacted work on these proposed lease sales.”

Radical environmental groups celebrated the news as a step in the right direction.

One environmental wacko on social media said, “Americans need to accept high gas prices or get an electric car.”

Biden has repeatedly told Americans that he’s doing everything in his power to get gas prices under control.

By shutting down a chance to drill for American oil, he’s delivered more pain for drivers already being crushed by high gas prices.

Biden is never going to let a crisis go to waste.

High gas prices let him force his green fantasies on drivers.

Frank Macchairola with the American Petroleum Institute slammed the move as “another example of the administration’s lack of commitment to oil and gas development in the US.”

“The President has spoken about the need for additional supplies in the market, but his administration has failed to take action to match that rhetoric,” Macchairola said.

“Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern – the administration talks about the need for more supply and acts to restrict it,” he concluded.

With this move, it’s clear that Joe Biden doesn’t care that drivers are suffering under the high gas prices he created.

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