Joe Biden just got smacked down by a GOP Congresswoman over this foreign policy nightmare

One of Joe Biden’s worst failures has been his complete failure in Afghanistan.

Though it was long overdue, the way he withdrew the U.S. from the two-decade-long conflict was both shameful and destined to fail.

And Joe Biden just got smacked down by a GOP Congresswoman over this foreign policy nightmare.

Joe Biden has been a total failure from day one

 From day one, Joe Biden has been a complete and total failure as President.

Not only has he destroyed just about everything you can imagine in America, but his foreign policy has been a complete mess as well.

Look no further than the way Afghanistan was handled at the beginning of his Presidency.

And for many Americans, this failure is hitting very close to home.

That is because over 86,000 Afghani refugees have been placed in the United States.

Thankfully, there are some Americans who are speaking out, and one such American is Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico.

On SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Saturday, Herrell spoke out about the dangers of having 86,000 unvetted Afhgans enter the nation, citing multiple rapes committed by some monsters who slipped in within their ranks. 

Herrell went on to say, “If it were a different person in the White House, this would never have happened.”

Herrell added, “And so . . . elections do have consequences and sadly the American children and their families are paying for those consequences.”

She concluded by saying “We have to know who is in our nation . . . so we’re not setting ourselves up for another 9/11.”

She is exactly right. 

America cannot afford to allow the Taliban to decide who can enter this nation.

Why the radical Left is determined to allow unvetted aliens into America

It is disturbing to see just how desperate Democrats are to allow unlimited numbers of aliens – both legal and illegal – into the nation. 

That is because many leftists believe that these aliens will automatically vote Democrat.

After all, the Left only cares about one thing and that is seizing even more power for themselves.

But with small children being molested and potential terror risks increasing every day, it is way past due for Americans to say enough is enough.

Once again, Joe Biden has been caught red-handed putting politics over American lives.

Americans need to stand up against this insanity, and this November is an excellent chance to do so.

Joe Biden and his cronies need to realize that destroying America has consequences.

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