Joe Biden just hit these Republican governors with a nasty surprise they never saw coming

Joe Biden’s Presidency is down but not out.

He’s got a trick up his sleeve for conservatives fighting back.

And he just hit these Republican governors with a nasty surprise they never saw coming.

Joe Biden has unleashed the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

The Biden regime has been hell-bent on pushing an open borders agenda.

A historic flood of illegal aliens and drugs have flooded the wide open southern border.

Virtually every state in the nation has been turned into a border state because of the crisis.

With the federal government not interested in enforcing the law, Republican states have been forced to pick up the slack.

Texas has taken border security into its own hands.

The state has started construction on a state-funded border wall and deployed law enforcement to help secure the border.

Other states like South Dakota have chipped in sending National Guard troops to the border.

Joe Biden is seething that Republican governors are stepping up to help contain the border crisis.

So he made a dastardly move to shut down Texas’s attempt to secure the border.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing a wildflower, the prostrate milkweed, as an endangered species.

They’re also scheming to designate 691.3 acres in two Texas counties on the frontline of the border crisis as a critical habitat for the milkweed.

“All known Texas populations of prostrate milkweed are within 9 miles (14.5 kilometers) of the Texas-Mexico border,” said a release from Fish and Wildlife.

“Should border wall construction occur, and depending on the alignment, construction could remove prostrate milkweed plants that occur within the construction footprint,” they added.

In a federal filing, Fish and Wildlife said potential “habitat loss from border security development and enforcement activities” required the designation.

The area designated for protection is in two Texas counties, Starr and Zapata, which are being overwhelmed by the border crisis.

State law enforcement and federal authorities are heavily engaged in these counties trying to stem the flow of illegals.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for the counties because of the “surge of individuals unlawfully crossing the Texas-Mexico border.”

These illegals represent an “ongoing and imminent threat of disaster.”

This is a jaw-dropping move by Biden to shut down Texas from protecting its border using the flimsy excuse of protecting a plant.

He’s now targeting Republican states that are trying to do the job that he refuses to do.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton slammed the move.

“This absurd effort to paralyze Texas’s border control by putting a plant before the lives of Texans is another display of cowardice from the Biden Administration,” Paxton said.

Paxton pointed out that prior environmental studies said the milkweed found that border security activities would be “of minimal or no significance to the milkweed.”

It appears Joe Biden will use every trick in the book to keep the border wide open.

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