Joe Biden just issued this shocking confession to Fox News’ Peter Doocy

Joe Biden may actually be in trouble this time.

There is even a real investigation.

And Joe Biden just issued this shocking confession to Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

In the first two years of Joe Biden’s reign, he escaped any real investigation into the Biden family’s alleged criminal enterprises.

That includes wayward son Hunter Biden’s escapades.

But now that could all be changing and even the DOJ is forced to investigate.

Down at Joe’s garage

It’s now been discovered that President Joe Biden didn’t have just one set of classified government documents that he mishandled, but multiple. 

Biden has now admitted to having in his private possession multiple sets of classified documents that he kept from his time as Vice President.

So much for the man who attacked Donald Trump as “irresponsible” for having classified documents at home.

And now we know where Biden was keeping the second batch of classified documents . . . at his personal residence in Delaware, in his garage, next to his Corvette.

So to sum it up, Trump had documents at his personal residence, and Joe Biden had documents not at one, but at two of his personal residences.

The difference is, a President has the power to declassify and keep documents for personal reasons, a Vice President does not.

So, if this does all pan out, Joe Biden is in potentially real trouble. 

More election tampering by the DOJ?

The White House Counsel’s Office explained that Biden lawyers “discovered among personal and political papers a small number of additional Obama-Biden Administration records with classified markings” and “all but one of these documents were found in storage space in the President’s Wilmington residence garage.” 

Another document was found “among stored materials in an adjacent room.” 

At least Biden’s lawyers reported that no additional documents were found at Biden’s other house in Rehoboth Beach. 

The Counsel’s office also made the bizarre claim “the Department of Justice was immediately notified” of the second batch of classified documents and arrangements were made for the Justice Department to take possession of the mishandled documents. 

It’s a bizarre claim because the documents were actually found on November 2, 2022, just days before the Midterm elections.

The DOJ did not report on their findings until after the Midterms. 

Very convenient.

Even worse, all the documents being magically found now were improperly taken by Biden when he left the Vice President’s office in 2017.

Somehow none of these documents were discovered before the 2020 election. 

We already know the DOJ and FBI colluded with Twitter and Facebook to hide details of Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 elections.

And we now know Biden took classified documents that were somehow only found now after both the 2020 and 2022 elections.

When he was asked about the second batch of classified materials being found in his garage, Biden tried to explain it away saying his “Corvette is in a locked garage” (um, ok, that still doesn’t meet the standards for storing classified materials) and that he “immediately” cooperated with the National Archives and DOJ. 

What were you thinking?

Of course, the question was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy who has made it his mission to force the Biden administration into telling the truth.

And the question was asked as only Peter Doocy can ask it.

But once again, Biden skirted the very direct question and tried to claim he “immediately” cooperated.

Immediate as in years later, not months or days.

Only time will tell what, if anything, happens to Joe Biden over this clear breach of national security.

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