Joe Biden just made a stunning statement during a recent 60 Minutes interview that left Democrats scrambling

Joe Biden is the oldest sitting President in American history, and that is certainly one thing that causes concern.

And Biden recently sat down for an interview on 60 Minutes, where he was asked some pressing questions.

But one of his answers was rather stunning and it left Democrats scrambling.

Biden says it’s “too early” to decide on a 2024 Presidential run

60 Minutes host Scott Pelley asked Biden if he plans to run for re-election in 2024, or if there were any “certain conditions that have to be right.”

As usual, Biden danced around the actual question and said that “a whole range of things come into play,” and that there were “requirements I have to change and move and do.”

Anyone watching or listening to this interview could easily see that Joe Biden has a tough time making decisions.

He also claimed that it’s too early to decide about a re-election run and that he’d confirm his decision when things make sense “within the timeframe.”

Biden told Pelley that he intends to run again, “but it’s just an intention” and that a firm decision “remains to be seen.”

It almost sounds like someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings, and that Biden’s been instructed to dance around the actual truth rather than give it straight to the American people.

Perhaps Kamala Harris is vying for the position, or maybe people in the far-left-wing of the party are trying to convince Biden to bow out this go-round.

During the interview, Biden recognized that we’re at an “inflection point in the history of this country.”

But his idea of an inflection point and the idea of an inflection point from the perspective of the GOP certainly differ.

Is Joe Biden fit to do the job?

Part of the 60 Minutes interview was Joe Biden claiming victory over the COVID-19 pandemic and how he got “220 million” people vaccinated since he took office.

Pelley went on to ask Biden whether he’s fit to do the job of U.S. President.

Joe Biden’s response? 

“Watch me. And honest to God, that’s all I think. Watch me,” Biden retorted.

It almost sounds like he’s a kid trying to prove to his friends that he can hit the baseball when he’s up to bat.

Without provocation, Biden also mentioned things like people having doubts about his energy level and mental acuity.

He also said that he respects the fact that people say he’s old, but that he is doing a job consistent “with what any person of my age would be able to do.”

When Pelley asked him about what he thinks of his own mental focus, Biden gave a rambling, nonsensical answer.

Part of his incoherent response was, “I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly.”

Columnist Benny Johnson tweeted Joe Biden’s head-scratching answer, followed by several question marks. 

With so much at stake right now, the country needs a leader who is not only firm on making good policy decisions, but who can also answer simple questions without sounding completely confused.

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