Joe Biden just made one terrifying promise to gun owners if Democrats maintain control of Congress after November

Joe Biden has a radical vision for America.

But it won’t happen unless Democrats pick up two seats in the Senate this fall.

And Joe Biden just made one terrifying promise to gun owners if Democrats maintain control of Congress after November.

There’s only nine weeks left until the November Midterm elections.

In the House, Republicans need to flip five seats to take back the majority and oust Nancy Pelosi from power.

On the Senate side, Republicans only need to flip one seat to take back the Upper Chamber from Chuck Schumer’s control.

But Democrats are looking to do more than just maintain their majority in November.

Right now the Senate is split 50/50 between the two Parties, with Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

And Democrats believe they have a good shot at picking up Senate seats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia.

Joe Biden hits the campaign trail

After spending the past two years staying mostly out of the public spotlight, Joe Biden recently hit the campaign trail to rally Democrat voters in Pennsylvania, which Senator Pat Toomey’s retirement made an open seat.

Leftist Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is squaring off against Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman for the Senate seat.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden traveled to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to try to rally Democrat voters to turn out and vote ahead of the November elections.

Joe Biden is pushing the narrative that Republicans are violent extremists who threaten our way of life in America.

Last week, he told a crowd in Maryland that “the safety of our kids from gun violence is on the ballot” in November.

During his Pennsylvania speech, Joe Biden doubled down on his rhetoric about the Midterm elections and violent Republicans.

Biden’s terrifying promise

After bringing up the gun control bill Democrats passed earlier this year thanks to RINO John Cornyn’s “compromise,” which was the largest gun control bill in history, Joe Biden ranted that it did not go far enough.

If voters will help Democrats stay in power after November, Joe Biden promised the crowd that he will “ban assault weapons.”

“I am determined to ban assault weapons in this country!” Biden yelled. “Determined!”

Biden touted his vote for banning so-called “assault weapons” during his time in the Senate as proof that he meant business.

“I did it once before, and I’ll do it again,” Biden told the crowd.

During the same speech, Joe Biden insulted gun owners and claimed that “right-wing Americans” are shooting at law-enforcement officers.

He also threatened to use the military’s F-15 fighter jets against any “brave right-wing American” who stands in his way.

“For those brave right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15, you need something a little more than a gun,” Biden said. 

“No, I’m not joking,” he added.

Joe Biden just raised the stakes for November even higher.

The Second Amendment is now on the line.

If Democrats hold on to their Congressional majorities, the American people’s gun rights are in severe danger.

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