Joe Biden just pushed America even closer to the brink of World War III

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

China is making significant advances in military technology. 

While China rapidly advances, America is falling behind thanks to Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

But Joe Biden just pushed America even closer to the brink of World War III.

The Biden Administration is begging for World War III

Democrats used to be considered the anti-war Party. 

Today, the exact opposite is true.  

Joe Biden and his cronies have repeatedly put their foot in their mouth and pushed America closer to World War III. 

To make matters worse, America’s adversaries have made significant advances during Joe Biden’s Presidency. 

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is simply not working.  

Nations like Russia, China, and North Korea are not afraid to push the boundaries.

When they do push the boundaries, Joe Biden responds with a ridiculous and inflammatory statement that threatens world peace. 

As far as Communist China is concerned, reports have emerged of the Chinese Navy using extremely powerful lasers to attack Filipino sailors in the South China Sea. 

Department of Defense spokesman Ned Price said China’s “dangerous operational behavior directly threatens regional peace and stability, infringes upon freedom of navigation in the South China Sea as guaranteed under international law, and undermines the rules-based international order.”

“The United States stands with our Philippine allies,” Price added. 

In 1951, the United States signed a treaty with the Philippines guaranteeing military support if they are attacked by a foreign nation. 

Later this year, the United States is expected to carry out joint military exercises with them, which will infuriate the Communist Chinese. 

Joe Biden is determined to prevent an attack on the Philippines.

However, he has made it abundantly clear that he is not so determined to prevent an attack on the United States. 

Joe Biden demonstrated his America Last strategy when he allowed a number of Chinese spy balloons to float across the United States, which potentially put millions of Americans in danger. 

China is closer than ever to asserting global dominance

The last thing America needs is another World War. 

But America cannot afford to let its adversaries do as they please. 

When it comes to foreign policy, demonstrating superiority through strength and decisiveness is crucial to preventing wars from breaking out. 

This is something Joe Biden simply does not understand. 

Joe Biden’s poor leadership and mental health are a matter of national security. 

It won’t be long before Joe Biden plunges America into a deadly conflict due to his poor decision-making abilities. 

This is why the cognitive health of elected officials is so crucially important. 

Moving forward, America must do everything possible to avoid war with China by demonstrating that it will not tolerate invasions of its airspace and territory. 

Barking threats after an attack is an ineffective strategy. 

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