Joe Biden just saw one set of numbers that could prevent him from making it to the General Election

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Most Americans did not want President Joe Biden to run for re-election. 

But Biden moved forward and declared his 2024 candidacy last week. 

And Joe Biden just saw one set of numbers that could prevent him from making it to the General Election.

Biden’s Primary opponents

President Joe Biden has finally announced he will run for re-election next year.

He’s running on a platform of “protecting democracy” from “MAGA Republicans.”

But Biden is not running unopposed in the Democrat Primary. 

Robert Kennedy Jr. – an outspoken opponent to Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates – recently declared himself a Democrat candidate for President.

And left-wing activist Marianne Williamson – who also ran and failed spectacularly in 2020 – is also in the race against Biden.

Typically, the incumbent President of the United States has nothing to fear from a Primary opponent.

Ordinarily, those opponents have no chance of unseating the sitting President.

They’re usually just trying to gain attention for a particular policy or attempting to prop up their name recognition for other career ambitions. 

In fact, the last time someone presented a credible challenge to an incumbent President was when Ronald Reagan took Gerald Ford all the way to the GOP convention in 1976.

However, since nothing is typical or ordinary when talking about President Biden, there are always special circumstances. 

Biden is historically weak

A new survey from Emerson College Polling found more than a third of Democrats want someone other than Biden to be at the top of the Party’s ticket in 2024. 

The number of Democrats who want Biden to be the standard bearer of their Party dropped six-points since he formally announced his candidacy. 

The Emerson poll found RFK Jr. and Williamson combining for 30% of the vote – with RFK Jr. taking nearly 22%. 

One would assume that with many millions to spend on campaign ads, Biden’s 70% share of the Democrat Primary vote would likely go up instead of down. 

But this is Joe Biden, meaning it’s entirely possible for him to suffer a major speaking gaffe or a policy failure that could expose his incompetency even more. 

Biden is not up against a big-name Senator, Governor, or former Vice President.  

He’s facing two authors and giving up nearly a third of his Party to them. 

If Biden has to spend significant resources in the Primary, it could potentially help even the playing field since the GOP nominee will likely have just come out of a hard-fought Republican Primary. 

Will Joe Biden be the Democrat Party’s nominee for President in 2024?