Joe Biden nearly fell out of his chair after seeing this devastating poll

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The highly anticipated 2024 election is only a year away and most polls point towards a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

But most polls also indicate that the American public is souring on Biden.

And Joe Biden nearly fell out of his chair after seeing this devastating poll. 

One poll after another shows that Joe Biden is a very unpopular President

As it stands, Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular Presidents in modern American history. 

In a poll just released by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), it was revealed that only 37% of respondents have a favorable opinion of President Joe Biden, with 60% of respondents saying they have an unfavorable opinion of him. 

This PRRI poll surveyed 2,525 American adults, with a margin of error of just 2.19%. 

The same poll broke down Joe Biden’s favorability by political party affiliation, which found that 80% of Democrats had a favorable opinion of Joe Biden.  

When it comes to Independents, only 30% had a favorable opinion of Joe Biden.

Only 6% of Republicans had a favorable opinion of Joe Biden. 

This particular poll was funded by the Open Society Foundations, a grant-making network founded by billionaire mega-donor George Soros. 

Although these findings may seem surprising at first, they fall in line with similar surveys conducted in recent weeks. 

According to RealClearPolitics, which compiles recent approval rating polls, Joe Biden has an average approval rating of just 41.2%.

For reference, former President Donald Trump had an average approval rating of 41.8% at the same point in his Presidency. 

The PRRI poll and many other approval and favorability polls taken recently show that Joe Biden is a wildly unpopular President. 

Although pollsters cannot deny this basic fact, they differ on what makes him so unpopular. 

Last month, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat hypothesized “that maybe the big problem is just simmering anxiety about Biden’s age. Maybe his poll numbers dipped first in the Afghanistan crisis because it showcased the public absenteeism that often characterizes his presidency.” 

He added that “maybe some voters now just assume that a vote for Biden is a vote for the hapless Kamala Harris. Maybe there’s just a vigor premium in Presidential campaigns that gives Trump an advantage.” 

What these pathetic poll numbers mean for Joe Biden moving forward

Every political pundit has their own theory as to why Joe Biden has such low approval ratings, but most analyses have a few things in common. 

Joe Biden’s age and declining mental health are a major factor. 

Regardless of the cause, Joe Biden’s unpopularity is a major hurdle for him as he prepares for an exhausting year of campaigning. 

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