Joe Biden refuses to explain why foreign governments paid his family $10 million

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More information about the Biden family’s corruption is coming to light.

The American people want answers about Joe Biden’s involvement.

But Joe Biden refuses to explain why foreign governments paid his family $10 million.

The evidence is compelling that members of the Biden family are as corrupt as any political family in U.S. history.

It’s time for Republicans to stop talking and act

If this were any Republican family, there would already be charges filed, impeachment hearings held, and investigations launched.

But since he is a Democrat, Joe Biden will be untouched by the controversy unless Republicans grow a set and start investigations and impeachment proceedings.

The GOP should be relentlessly pursuing President Joe Biden for his influence-peddling schemes that allegedly involved foreign governments.

At a May 10 press conference, the House Oversight Committee confirmed that Joe Biden and his family have received a minimum of $10 million from foreign entities. 

Some of this goes back as far as 2009.

As The Federalist reported, “this money entered the Bidens’ coffers through a complicated scheme of layered transactions deposited into multiple bank accounts.”

Of course, Joe Biden refuses to answer any questions about this pay-for-play scheme.

It’s up to House Republicans to act

The Department of Justice is refusing to take any action against the Biden family.

Even though evidence of his alleged crimes are in plain view for all to see, they won’t even take action against Hunter Biden.

That’s why it falls on House Republicans to launch an investigation into Biden’s influence-peddling operations.

Biden could make this whole sordid story go away if he would simply answer why his family received $10 million from foreign entities. 

If the money came from legitimate sources for legitimate reasons, he would be able to explain where it came from and what services his family provided to get the funding. 

But mounting evidence shows Joe Biden can’t explain away the $10 million.

No one really knows

As The Federalist asked, “why did the Bidens receive this comically large sum of money? Well, no one really knows. But it probably has something to do with the fact that their last names are ‘Biden’ and their family patriarch, the incumbent president, is one of the longest-serving federal officials in American history and has been able to avoid any meaningful public scrutiny for much of his career.”

It increasingly seems like the family used Joe Biden’s political and corporate connections to engage in an elaborate foreign  influence-peddling scheme.

But just like Hunter Biden’s role on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, the media refuses to take the Biden family to task for their activities.

Considering how the DOJ will not touch the Biden family, this rules out any real risks of them ever facing prosecution.

This leaves it up to House Republicans, who so far have only talked a good game.

It’s time for the House to take concrete actions to hold the Biden family accountable.

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