Joe Biden told MSNBC the one thing no one ever expected to hear

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The media is always a safe space for Joe Biden or any other Democrat politician.

That’s why what just happened took everyone by surprise.

And Joe Biden told MSNBC the one thing no one ever expected to hear.

Democrats claim they think voters will ignore the growing Hunter Biden scandals.

“Polling, Democrats noted, has suggested that swing voters aren’t attuned to the various Hunter Biden controversies. Recent elections, including the Ohio referendum this past week, have shown that the abortion rights issue is powering Democratic victories. And Democrats believe ne’er-do-well family members do not cause transitive harm to relatives who are running for president,” the New York Times reported.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of U.S. Attorney David Weiss added a new layer to the scandal as the move looked more like a cover up since Weiss was the same prosecutor who cut Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea deal that included lifetime immunity from any criminal prosecution.

The Biden campaign’s actions – however – show that leadership does not even believe its own spin.

Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez canceled an appearance on MSNBC to avoid taking any questions about Hunter Biden.

“The Biden campaign canceled a scheduled Friday afternoon appearance on MSNBC for its Campaign Manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, after the Special Counsel announcement to avoid facing a litany of questions about the President’s son, according to two people familiar with the scheduling,” the Times also reported.

Democrats can’t find a more friendly media environment than MSNBC.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki hosts a show on the network and the channel’s lineup of hosts, guests, and commentators are all reliable Democrats or pro-Joe Biden partisans.

But even some on-air talent at MSNBC is beginning to express unease with how the Hunter Biden situation is playing out. 

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin uncomfortable questions about Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign influence peddling.

“I know that a lot of the technical defense of the President with Hunter Biden is, ‘well, the President didn’t do anything wrong.’ But as Michael Kinsley once said, ‘the real scandal in Washington is not what’s illegal, it’s what’s legal,’” Todd began.

“Should there be a code of conduct, something, for family members here?” Todd added. “Because the appearance of what Hunter Biden did is, it’s not good.”

Since the Biden campaign did not want to face a direct question about the conduct of Joe Biden’s son, it would not even make the Campaign Manager available to even the most friendly media outlet.

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