Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost after a swing state Governor uttered these four words

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The warning lights are flashing red for Joe Biden in one crucial swing state.

Even some Democrats are beginning to sound the alarm.

And Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost after a swing state Governor uttered these four words.

Michigan has become one of the most important swing states in the country after former President Donald Trump narrowly carried it in the 2016 election before it flipped to President Joe Biden in 2020.

During an interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer said that the Presidential election in the state was “going to be close.”

Trump has a narrow lead over Biden in the state, which has set off alarm bells for Democrats.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Whitmer about Biden’s weak poll numbers in the state.

“I think everyone should always focus on Michigan,” Whitmer said. “It’s always going to be close in this state. Even though we did something that hadn’t been done in 40 years by flipping the House and the Senate and all Democratic control at the moment. The work is never done. You cannot make any assumptions about what the next election is going to bring based on the last one in a state like this. You got to show up. You got to do the work and show people that you really care about them.”

Whitmer said that Michigan is a swing state and that it is “absolutely” in play for both parties this fall.

Brennan grilled the Michigan Governor over polls that show voters trust Trump to do a better job handling the economy than Biden.

She claimed that the Biden economy was starting to improve, but also admitted that the cost of living was still too high and that too many young people were struggling to buy homes.

The automotive industry – the backbone of Michigan’s economy – is being threatened by the ambitious electric vehicle agenda being pursued by Biden.

Michigan is home to Detroit’s Big 3 automakers and has the most autoworkers of any state in the country.

Biden is hell-bent on forcing the country to switch to electric vehicles, which will bring massive upheaval to the auto industry.

Electric vehicles have fewer parts and a supply chain that’s dominated by China.

That transition will mean fewer jobs for American auto workers.

“It’s a government assassination of your jobs and of your industry,” Trump told striking autoworkers last year about Biden’s electric vehicle agenda.

The major strike launched by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union last year against Detroit’s Big 3 was in part motivated by fears over massive job losses due to the transition to electric vehicles.

Biden’s extreme environmental agenda is poised to decimate a vital industry in a swing state.

Michigan’s 15 Electoral Votes are going to be critical to Biden and Trump’s path to reach the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the Presidency.

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