Joe Biden was dumbfounded by the results of a new poll about World War III

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The Biden administration has been seemingly doing everything it can to force the United States into a global war.

But it turns out those actions have very real consequences that Biden did not see coming.

And Joe Biden was dumbfounded by the results of a new poll about World War III.

It is possible to agree that Vladimir Putin is a bad man and that Russia’s attack on Ukraine was wrong and still oppose dragging America into the conflict.

War in Ukraine and heightened tensions with Communist China

As the war in Ukraine intensifies and more American money and aid is thrown into the conflict, many are starting to worry.

Tensions with Communist China are heating up and their actions pose an immediate threat to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Japan. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden bumbles and stumbles along, barely able to put together a cohesive sentence.

And woke policies have turned our once proud military into the world’s laughingstock.

But now a new poll shows that many Americans are afraid the country is on the brink of World War III.

The survey found more than 43 percent are worried that Russia’s continued war and threats against other European nations, as well as Communist China’s aggressive actions, have put the world on the precipice of another global conflict. 

And on the flip side, less than a third of all respondents – 30.3 percent – do not believe America is on the verge of World War III.

Communist spy balloons, lab leaks, and troop movements

While most of the country is focused on Ukraine, the real threat may be coming from Communist China, as President Xi Jinping has been ratcheting up his anti-American rhetoric.

Xi is now blaming their economic woes on sweeping suppression by Western nations, especially the United States. 

And Qin Gang, Communist China’s new foreign minister, declared that the United States is on the road to “conflict and confrontation.”

The Chinese spy balloon incursions into American airspace, its growing warmongering rhetoric over the future of free Taiwan, and growing evidence that COVID leaked from a lab in Wuhan, are complicating an already difficult relationship between the United States and China.

Expansion of the Ukraine conflict

As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its second year, tensions in Europe remain high with growing concerns of the war spreading. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration and Congress have already dumped more than $113 billion in aid and military assistance to support the corrupt Ukrainian government and their allied nations.

Now, several news outlets are reporting U.S. intelligence claims that Communist China is considering supplying military aid to Russia.

“The multiple threads of intelligence suggesting that China is considering giving lethal aid to Russia, including ammunition and artillery, raised alarm among Biden administration officials, particularly given how such a move by Beijing could shift the dynamic of the war in Moscow’s favor,” NBC News reported.

Critics of Joe Biden’s foreign policy say a number of damning mistakes over the past two years have made the United States much more vulnerable to threats.

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