Joe Biden was furious when he saw what this liberal rag just printed about him

Even though Joe Biden has not been in the White House for very long, people are already concerned about his viability to run again in the 2024 elections. 

Not only is Biden wildly unpopular with the American public, but his mental faculties are clearly in steep decline. 

And Joe Biden was furious when he saw what this liberal rag just printed about him. 

Joe Biden may be America’s most unpopular President ever

President Joe Biden was inaugurated less than a year and a half ago, and already he has completely made a mess of things. 

Practically every measurable aspect of the United States economy is worse off than when Trump was President. 

Not to mention skyrocketing crime rates and a general lack of confidence among his fellow Americans. 

These woes combined with Joe Biden’s inability to motivate America have made him wildly unpopular among voters. 

As it stands RealClearPolitics shows his average approval rating to be about 38%, which is the worst average approval rating in modern American history. 

Even the radical Left is getting sick of Joe Biden

Not only is Joe Biden wildly unpopular with Republicans and Independent voters, but even his fellow Democrats are souring on him. 

Many Democrats have made calls for Biden to step down in 2024 and let a more well-spoken, younger candidate run for office. 

This has not happened since Lyndon B. Johnson, and shows very deep fractures in the Democrat Party. 

Things have gotten so bad for Joe Biden that even The Atlantic, a notoriously far-left rag, has made a call for Joe Biden to resign after his first term. 

The Atlantic wrote, “it has become thoroughly exhausting—for Biden and his party and, to some extent, the country itself. But the question quiets considerably when no one’s calculating how old a President born during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration will be in 2028.”

The Atlantic went on to say, “Biden is by no means the more eloquent character he was in his younger days. It can be painful to watch him give prepared speeches. His tone can be tentative, and certain sentences can become hopscotching journeys. His aides in the room look visibly nervous at times.” 

Even in their criticism, The Atlantic cannot help but fawn over Joe Biden. 

Joe Biden has never been an eloquent speaker, and parts of this article are just further proof that The Atlantic is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. 

Why the Left wants Biden out of office

Articles such as this one by The Atlantic raise an interesting question, and that is why does the Left want Biden out of office? 

The answer is that they want to install a younger, more radical leftist in office such as Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg. 

Joe Biden is simply incapable of delivering what the radical Left wants, which is the complete unraveling of the republic. 

Although Joe Biden is doing a good job of destroying America, it is still not enough for the Democrats. 

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