Joe Biden was furious when Pete Buttigieg refused to answer this one simple question about 2024

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Democrats are gearing up for an interesting 2024 Presidential campaign.

But many aren’t sure about Joe Biden’s chances at winning another four years in office.

And Joe Biden was furious when Pete Buttigieg refused to answer this one simple question about 2024.

While most of the corporate-controlled media focuses on a potential battle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, there is now a challenger to incumbent President Joe Biden.

Return of the Kennedy clan

On April 19, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. entered the Democrat Presidential Primary race.

Kennedy, Jr. is the son of former Attorney General and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy, Jr. is taking on the White House, Joe Biden, and the might of the entire Democrat apparatus.

While most observers do not give him much of a chance against Biden, there is no doubt he is popular in some circles.

And this has been causing some Democrats to give him a second look.

Other top Democrats are privately saying that even though they don’t prefer Kennedy, Jr., they also aren’t very excited about another Biden run.

Can Biden hack it?

Many leading Democrats point to the failing economy, the war in Ukraine, the disastrous southern border, and increased violence in America’s cities as reasons a Biden reelection is anything but certain.

Of course, there are also increasing questions about Biden’s mental health.

His mistakes, missteps, and bizarre behavior are leading some Democrat insiders to actively seek another candidate.

And departures from the Biden administration are not helping the situation.

This uncertainty has many Democrat leaders wondering if they can do better than Biden in 2024.

While much of this talk is being done quietly in backrooms of the Democrat machine, some noticeable Biden officials are now fueling speculation themselves.

Keeping his head down

One Biden administration official rumored to be considering a run at his boss is embattled Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

On the surface he would seem to be an unlikely choice, but due to his sexual identity and his radical positions on everything the Left holds dear, he has a built-in base of committed activists ready to get behind him.

Though a Buttigieg challenge to Biden is still a longshot, lately he’s been making some comments that have Democrats scratching their heads.

The troubled Transportation Secretary fielded a softball question about whether he would serve in the post again if President Joe Biden is re-elected.

But Buttigieg refused to give a straight answer.

Rather than giving a “yes” or “no” response, Buttigieg said he has his “head down” while aiming to “deliver” on these “historic opportunities.”

This led to reporters wondering what Buttigieg meant by historic opportunities.

Buttigieg attempted a Presidential bid back in 2019, but eventually backed out and endorsed Joe Biden.

Is he now considering another run, but this time against his boss?

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