Joe Biden was rendered speechless after hearing these damning claims

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Joe Biden’s apparent health problems have created a public relations nightmare for his handlers.

Most Americans no longer believe Joe Biden has what it takes to lead the country. 

And Joe Biden was rendered speechless after hearing these damning claims.

Americans are losing their confidence in Joe Biden and his administration

With the 2024 campaign season gearing up, many voters are asking if Joe Biden has what it takes to serve as President for another term. 

Biden’s inability to put a coherent sentence together causes many to doubt his leadership abilities.

This is leading many to think that someone else is calling the shots in the White House. 

Democrat Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. has his own theories about what is really going on with Joe Biden.

Kennedy Jr. indicated that Joe Biden’s troubled son Hunter, among others, may be calling some of the shots in Washington, D.C. 

In an interview with Fox News, Kennedy said that “a lot of people will say that ‘well, President Biden is surrounded by very good people who will run the country even if he can’t,’ but I don’t think that’s a good way for democracy to work.” 

He added that “it’s important for the American people to know that their President has the vigor to handle this very rigorous job and I think there are enough doubts about that now that President Biden really needs to come out and have an unscripted meetings and interactions with voters, that he needs to do some town halls and retail politics and hopefully a debate so that the American people can make a choice about whether or not the President is up to the job.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. then addressed concerns over the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) refusal to allow him to participate in the election process. 

So far, Kennedy has not been allowed to debate Joe Biden or hardly even participate in the Primary. 

Kennedy told Fox News that “the DNC’s own rules say that they have to be neutral during the election, but they are very open about having abandoned their neutrality and they’ve made a series of rules that make it almost — if those rules continue — it makes it almost impossible for anybody except Joe Biden to win the Primary process.”

Joe Biden is not ready to give up his authority anytime soon

Joe Biden’s refusal to compete against anyone on the Democrat side shows that he is not prepared to give up his position. 

Yet he proves to the world every day that he is very incapable of making even the most basic decisions. 

Regardless of who is really calling the shots in Washington, D.C., the American public deserves to know who is making and enforcing major executive decisions. 

The bottom line is that Robert Kennedy Jr. is not getting a fair shake from the Democrat Party, who have proven that they do not stand on the side of democracy. 

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